Accelerate your Oracle automation testing with the AI-Powered Framework

Since the Oracle landscape is huge, complex, highly customized, and ever-changing, Oracle customers cannot undermine the importance of testing. Every time a new process is set up, it must be tested, every time a process is adjusted, it must be tested, every time integration happens to support the digital journey, it must be tested, and every time Oracle updates or releases new versions, it must be tested.

Since enterprises need to make changes faster than ever in their Oracle landscape, Oracle automation testing is becoming a huge bottleneck. With traditional Oracle testing approaches, enterprises are forced either to move fast while knowing that things will break, or move slowly and risk losing business to competitors. To overcome this, the only way is Oracle automation testing.

Oracle automation testing provides the ability to test everything they need in a short period of time, but they are also assured that their most critical processes are working and are notified if something goes wrong, so they can fix it before it affects the end customers.

This article dives into some Oracle automation benefits—let’s explore them now!  

Automated testing for rapid Oracle updates: Oracle Cloud is updated quarterly, or even weekly, with more than a thousand changes being made each time. Continuous testing is performed for early detection and correction of the bugs immediately to ensure business agility with quality. Without Oracle automation testing it’s not possible to eliminate the risk of frequent updates. Moreover, customers migrating to Oracle Cloud need their systems to be tested rigorously. Robust Oracle Cloud migration tools help them to achieve the required business risk coverage with the necessary speed.

Improved efficiency and time savings: It saves testing time as tests can easily be scripted, implemented, and maintained, thus providing:

  • Early identification of defects
  • Improved accuracy in identifying defects
  • Quicker time to market

While it’s easy to see the value of Oracle Cloud, it cannot be implemented without the right Oracle Cloud migration tools, You can have testing running in parallel with development—ensuring a seamless and risk-free adoption of Oracle Cloud updates. Of course, this will save you time and money along the way.      

Reusability of tests

Automated testing tools help testers quickly create resilient tests that require minimal maintenance. With every release or update, as application requirements change, the test suite can be updated seamlessly. These Oracle Cloud migration tools have intelligent testing capabilities that can mitigate risks by identifying the impacted tests with each Oracle Cloud update. 

Adequate Test Coverage

One of the biggest challenges in Oracle testing is insufficient test coverage. Many functional / non-functional attributes get added, updated or removed with each update. There is a limited number of test scripts that can be run manually, which limits the overall test coverage. To cover the test adequately, an automated testing approach must be employed.

Less Resource Intensive

Depending on a resource to write and maintain tests can leave you vulnerable to high costs and risks. If you upskill the resource in automation, it might be less costly and time-consuming. Choosing a proper test automation tool that can assist you in creating a stable test automation environment.

Accelerate your Oracle automation testing with Opkey’s Quality Assurance Framework

Opkey is the industry’s leading test automation tool that can accelerate the deployment of Oracle application changes while reducing business risk, making testing a catalyst for innovation.

Opkey brings together extensive technology support with AI-powered capabilities to boost test speed and efficiency. Reduce test creation time, enhance coverage, increase testing asset resiliency, and reduce test maintenance with AI-powered test automation.