Ultimate Guide to renting a warehouse in Al Quoz

Al Quoz is the most popular area for a manufactured and marketable warehouse for rent in Al Quoz. Being one of the megacity’s oldest and largest manufactured zones, its popularity stems from its central position and easy access to major roadways similar to Sheikh Zayed Road.

Al Quoz is primarily known for its art galleries, manufactories, parks, and restaurants.

Those looking for warehouses for rent in Al Quoz will find a wide range of marketable and industrial options. The good news is that warehouses for rent in Dubai’s Al Quoz area come in varied sizes. Still, depending on the size of the warehouse you choose, prices can vary greatly.

Renting a warehouse

 Renting warehouse space helps you maximize distribution conditioning, and with benefits like scalability, flexibility, and stock management options, you can concentrate on your core capacities. The warehouse for rent in Al Quoz represents a significant fiscal and logistical undertaking. Thus, the most effective approach to exploring rental chances is to do so only after considering several critical factors.


 Al Quoz Industrial Area is one of the oldest centers of manufacturing in Dubai and is home to numerous companies and their manufacturers. It’s one of the most sought-after areas for warehousing. An area allocated to factory set-up and labor housing, it has the most conducive medium for product conditioning and housing for workers, as well as storehouse space. The structure designed for these services is most suitable for manufacturing and storehouse in line with company standards and parameters.


Companies that set up manufacturers and storage in the Al Quoz Industrial Area claim landmass licensing. Companies that acquire a marketable and industrial license for their business conditioning have to ensure that one UAE public holds at least 51% of the total equity of the company.


Rents for office spaces in Al Quoz Industrial Area generally range from AED 75,000 to AED 750,000 per year, depending on the size and type of structure. Warehouses for rent can range anywhere from AED 80,000 to AED 2,000,000 per year, depending on the size and facilities of the warehouse.

The warehouse for rent in Al Quoz is priced between AED 7,000,000 and AED 25,000,000.


 Al Quoz Industrial Area is a veritably well-connected area, positioned between Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. The E11 and E44 roadways enable those with buses to get to all corridors of the megacity fluently. They make it especially accessible to reach other marketable sections like Business Bay and Downtown Dubai.

The utmost marketable structures have devoted parking spaces for their workers so changing a parking space isn’t an issue.

For those who use public transportation, the system is elaborate and well-connected. Noor Bank metro station and Umm Al Sheif metro station on the Red Line are the closest stations to the area. A metro link bus runs from the area to the stations and several RTA buses have routes within the area as well to keep the zones connected. Air-conditioned bus stations are located at short intervals throughout the area.

Storage and Shipping:

For manufacturers and corporate distributors, for illustration, those in the retail, medicinal, and eCommerce sectors, acceptable space for product storehouse, distribution, and shipping is critical. This is where storehouses and shipping warehouses come into play. These are also known as distribution centers that include office space, loading jetties, and powerful force. Some of these units, particularly those used for storehouses, include climate control features to cover perishable particulars.

 Types of Warehouses:

 There are three different types of warehouses available in Al Quoz, Dubai:

  •  ECommerce:

E-Commerce businesses that have outgrown their garages are turning to the option of renting warehouses. The most effective eCommerce warehouses not only have the amenities and experience to give the digital fulfillment services needed, but they also allow brands to store inventory in strategic locales that are physically close to their client base for the quickest and most cost-effective delivery.

  •  Climate-controlled Warehouses:

Climate-controlled warehouses are used to store perishable goods that take a specific temperature. They’re essential in keeping temperature oscillations in check to ensure the newness of goods, from moisture-controlled surroundings to freezers.

  •  Bonded Warehouses:

Imported goods are primarily stored in these units before customs duties are assessed. Accordingly, companies can cover customs charges once the product is released. The importer doesn’t have to pay duties until they find a client. Bonded warehouses are a cost-effective way for governments to ensure importers pay duties, making them ideal for cross-border trade.

  •  Smart Warehouses:

Smart warehouses use AI to automate their storehouse and fulfillment processes. Throughout a smart warehouse, all functions are completely automated and require nearly no human intervention.

The discussed points above can guide you regarding the warehouse for rent in Al Quoz. If you are looking for a warehouse for your business in UAE, AL Quoz is the best option for warehouse renting.