Escaping The Unknown: A Beginner’s Guide To Scary Escape Rooms

During the past ten years, escape rooms have skyrocketed in popularity as thousands of individuals have flocked to them to push their mental limits. Players must solve puzzles and riddles to exit the room within a set amount of time, making these rooms an exciting experience. For those seeking even greater excitement, there are scary escape rooms that take things to the next level.

These rooms are designed to be scary, challenging, and even a little bit intimidating. If you’re new to the world of escape rooms and are interested in trying out a scary one, this beginner’s guide is for you.

Choosing the Right Scary Escape Room:

The first step to enjoying a scary escape room is to choose the right one. There are plenty of scary escape rooms, so it’s important to do your research before deciding which one to try.

Researching escape rooms in your area

Start by looking for escape rooms in your area and reading reviews and ratings online. This can give you a good idea of what to expect from each room and help you choose one that suits your interests. You can do an online search for an escape game room near me to find local escape rooms.

Considering the difficulty level

Different escape rooms have different difficulty levels, so it’s important to find one suitable for your experience level. If you are a beginner, look for games that are easy to moderate in difficulty. Advanced players can challenge themselves with more difficult puzzles and riddles. Some rooms may be too easy, while others may be too difficult, so be sure to choose one that is challenging but still manageable.

Choosing a theme that suits your interests

When choosing a scary escape room, it’s important to consider the theme. The theme can make or break your experience, so choose one that appeals to you. There are horror-themed rooms, zombie-themed rooms, and more. If you’re new to escape rooms, opt for a less intense theme until you get comfortable with the concept. Scary rooms are great for vr birthday party, Halloween parties, office team building, and more.

Preparing for the Scary Escape Room:

Once you’ve chosen a scary escape room to try, it’s important to prepare for the experience.

Dressing appropriately for the room’s theme

Start by dressing appropriately for the room’s theme. If you’re going to a zombie apocalypse-themed room, for example, wear comfortable clothes and shoes to move in easily.

Bringing necessary items (e.g., flashlight, comfortable shoes)

You may also want to bring some essential items, such as a flashlight or a small bag with snacks and water. Some escape rooms may require you to bring your tools or equipment, so be sure to read the rules and guidelines of the room carefully before you arrive.

Reviewing the rules and guidelines of the escape room

Review the rules and guidelines of the escape room before your visit. It’s important to understand the specific instructions for each room to maximize your time and make the most out of the experience. Knowing what to expect can also help you feel more comfortable during your visit.

Going with a group of people you trust

It’s also important to go with a group of people you trust. You’ll be relying on each other to solve the puzzles and escape the room, so choosing a group of people who can work well together and communicate effectively is important.

Strategies for Escaping a Scary Room:

Once you’re in the scary escape room, staying calm and focused is important. Remember that you’re there to have fun, so don’t take things too seriously.

Communication is key

Communication is key in these rooms, so ensure you’re talking to your team members and keeping each other updated on your findings.

Divide and conquer: splitting up tasks

One effective strategy is to divide and conquer. Split up tasks so that each team member is working on something different. This can help you cover more ground and solve puzzles faster.

Stay calm and focused

Try to stay calm and focused, even if you’re feeling frustrated. Take a break and go on to another puzzle if you get stuck on one. You’ll be able to maintain your energy and concentration thanks to this.

Use your environment to your advantage

Don’t be afraid to use your environment to your advantage. Look for clues in unexpected places and think outside the box when trying to solve puzzles. Remember that the clues may not be straightforward, so be creative and try different approaches.

Debriefing and Reflecting on the Experience:

After you’ve escaped the scary room (or if you weren’t successful), it’s important to debrief with your team and reflect on the experience. Talk about what worked and what didn’t, and think about how you can improve for next time. You may also want to take some time to reflect on the experience individually and think about what you enjoyed and what you found challenging.


Scary escape rooms can be a thrilling and memorable experience, but it’s important to choose the right room and prepare adequately before diving in. Remember to stay calm, communicate effectively with your team, and use your environment to your advantage. Most essential, enjoy yourself and the experience. You will have a great experience whether or not you manage to exit the chamber.