What Is Zyzz Cause Of Death? 

Are you tired of searching about Zyzz cause of death ? This article will be ultimate solution for you, because it will give you the exact cause of death of you fevrot personality that is Zyzz. He was very young when he died, therefore many of his fans couldn’t digest the news and got heart broken. Even his family was totally shocked after his sudden death. Below we will discuss all his health issues, his achievements, his work, education, and other information in detail. So, stay connected and read till the end to know your ideal personality. Let’s know the exact Zyzz cause of death

What Is Zyzz Cause Of Death? 

Zyzz cause of death was a heart attack. Zyzz was declared dead by doctors as they were unable to revive him on 5th August 2011. He was on vacation in Pattaya. After his death was confirmed by doctors on 9th August 2011, his family and friends put the sad news on Facebook. Zyzz age  was only 22 years when he died.  

While talking about his previous health issues, as per autopsy reports, he was undiagnosed congenital heart defect and cardiomegaly which was Zyzz cause of heart attack. His family later revealed that Zyzz had shown several minor symptoms in the few months leading up to August 2011, including high blood pressure and occasional shortness of breath. Even his family has a history of heart problems. 

Know, you know what was Zyzz cause of death. Let’s know who he was and his real name. 

Who Was Zyzz? 

Zyzz was a Russian-born Australian bodybuilder, model, and personal trainer. He had established many fans by posting multiple videos of himself on YouTube. The original name of Zyzz was Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian.  

Aziz was born on 24th March 1989 in Moscow, Russia. He was the youngest son of Maiane lboian and Sergei Shavershian. But in 1993, he and his family migrated to Australia and then he was raised in Eastwood, New South Wales. He was an atheist, though he wore a rosary and his grave is ornamented with a cross. These were the proof of Zyzz ethnicity.  

He attended Marist college Eastwood secondary school and here he was achieved Dux of the college. Before his death he was ready to graduate from the University of Western Sydney, with a degree in business and commerce. 

Zyzz was a skinny kid before becoming a bodybuilder. After completing his secondary school, he got inspired from his brother and he decided to join a local gym. Zyzz brother is also a bodybuilder. He learned about nutrition and training. He used to spend three to four hours in the gym. He was a poster boy of a subculture of amateur bodybuilding in Australia. 

Aziz established his own protein label namely Protein of the Gods, released in June 2011. Besides protein labels, he had a clothing line, and Zyzz’s bodybuilding Bible was released on 17th may 2011. He stated that, internet had a great contribution to build his brand, and it was ultimately made possible through the use of social media. 

You can read here some interesting facts on infodeath.

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How Did Zyzz Die?

On 5 August 2011, Shavershian suffered a heart attack in a sauna, while on vacation in Pattaya. He was taken to a hospital, where doctors were unable to revive him. His family and friends placed news of his death on Facebook.

What Age Did Zyzz Die?

22 years (1989–2011)

What Year Did Zyzz Die?

August 5, 2011

Who First Did The Zyzz Pose?

Created by Aziz, the Zyzz pose is an iconic bodybuilding posture that is now seen in competitions and also in memes. Aziz became famous for performing the pose on his social media, and in his videos. The Zyzz pose meme went viral on both 4chan and the bodybuilder.com forums.

Why Did Zyzz Die In Sauna?

The pin-up bodybuilder from Sydney known as “Zyzz”, died after using a sauna on August 9. His mother said he had an undiagnosed heart condition. It has since emerged that his possessions, including his laptop, wallet and clothes, were stolen from his Bangkok hotel room after his death.

What Was Zyzz Addicted To?

Zyzz’s story is tragic to say the very least. It is often told (again in this piece) as a precaution and a warning to aspiring bodybuilders for the price they may end up paying due to misuse and abuse of anabolic steroids.

Why Is Zyzz So Motivational?

The story of Zyzz is an inspirational one. He started out as a shy, skinny teenager wanting to change his identity to become more fulfilled not only physically but also within life itself. From the outside it seemed getting girls and vanity were his main driving forces which drove the transformation.


Now, you know Aziz Zyzz cause of death was a heart attack. So, don’t search is Zyzz actually dead. Because it wasn’t fake news. He was just 22 years old when died and at a very young age he achieved great success in the field of bodybuilding. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Aziz death was the 6th most searched death-related topic in Australia during 2011.

Just before his death he had posted a video of himself on a social networking site, which would later become a top news video of the year for 2011. Also google statistics showed that aziz was searched as many times as Juila Gilard, the Prime Minister Of Australia at that time, over the May 2011 to May 2012. So, this was the real Zyzz cause of death.  


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