What Is Charlesthefirst Cause Of Death? 

What Is Charlesthefirst Cause Of Death

The death of Charlesthefirst is a tragedy for his fans. But many of his fans don’t know about Charlesthefirst cause of death. As soon as he died, many news stories broke out about various causes behind his death. But, in this article, we will tell you the real cause of Charlesthefirst’s death. According to a statement released by the multimedia company co-founded by rising star Charlesthefirst was just 25 years old, he was a rising star and still lives in many hearts. Let’s know about Charlethefirst cause of death.  

What Is Charlesthefirst Cause Of Death? 

Charlesthefirst cause of death was an overdose on a cocktail of drugs including cocaine and fentanyl, according to Davidson County autopsy and toxicology results released in the show. Charlesthefirst was found dead by his friend in a room at a Nashville hotel on McGavock Pike on 10th December. He was just 25 years old according to the Metro Nashville Police Department report. 

After his death, a four-page Charlesthefirst autopsy, conducted on 11th December by Davidson County Forensic Pathologist Chester Gwin, showed Charles Ingalls cause of death as a result of combined toxic effects of alprazolam, cocaine, fentanyl, and mitragynine.  

Toxicology results show that he has tested positive for other drugs including clonazepam and benzoylecgonine. He was in Nashville for an 11th December show scheduled at the Caverns concert Hall in Pelham. But before that, he was found dead on 10th December 2021. 

This is Charlesthefirst DJ cause of death. Now, let’s take a look at his work and background. 

Who Was Charlesthefirst? 

Charlesthefirst was a young musician based in Lake Tahoe. He was popularly known for his work as an EDM means Electronic Dance Musician producer and had gained a huge fan following for his performances. He was born in the year of 1996 in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

He was best known for his albums such as Ascent and SOULS. According to EDM ownership, he recently teamed up with Potions and Supertask for Lab Group for their start in the summer. He was due to play at The Caverns over the weekend in Tennessee. 

As per his profile story, he wanted to be a rapper when he was first introduced to music, He also has a great interest in storytelling and poetry from a very young age. 

Charles the first DJ music was an album called Ascent. 

His estimated net worth is $700k Million USD. But no evidence is available of the actual value of income, income, and other sources of income. 

He had made his name in the industry at a very young age but he died on 10th December 2021.


How Old Is Charlesthefirst?

25 years (1996–2021)

Charlesthefirst / Age at death

What Happened To Charlesthefirst Musician?

EDM musician Charles Ingalls died from cocktail of drugs including cocaine, fentanyl. EDM musician Charles Ingalls died after overdosing on a cocktail of drugs including cocaine and fentanyl, Davidson County autopsy and toxicology results released this week show.

Charlesthefirst Country Of Origin?

Charles was born in 1996 and grew up in the Sierra Nevada (U.S.)

When Did Charlesthefirst  Release His First Project?

Charles released his first project in August 2014. He received press for his fourth release in April 2016, Running Through the Forest which was inspired by the past four months of his life at that point.

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Final Thoughts 

While going through this article, now you know the actual cause of Charlesthefirst’s death. He was a son, brother, a friend, a poet, and an absolutely brilliant musician, he lived his life with a sense of magic and inspiration that most people only dream of. Amongst many things, Charlesthefirst was a larger-than-life presence that deeply moved and affected all who knew him. He was very young and died at just the 25th year because of an overdose on a cocktail of drugs including cocaine and fentanyl. It was the actual Charlesthefirst death cause.


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