How to Become a Forklift Operator

When you’re eager to work but cannot find anything decent in online Vancouver job ads, the jobs often either don’t have a decent salary, attractive benefits, or a good pay structure; it’s difficult to find a job with all that even after putting lots of time in searching. 

If you’re searching for good job opportunities such as a forklift operator or other general labor jobs that are fit for your expertise in Vancouver, British Columbia, then you should check out the Best Personnel website. 

Best Personnel offers great positions in various general labor jobs in Burnaby, Surrey, and Lower Mainland. The job of a forklift operator is essential to companies across many industries. As a forklift operator, your job is to transport large and heavy items around warehouses, storage yards, factories, and worksites using a forklift. 

To become a forklift operator, you don’t need much; the only things you often require are a high school diploma and a driver’s license. 

What do you need to work as a Forklift Operator?

There are a few simple requirements to work as a forklift operator. Best Personnel will ensure you find the job of your liking and the only thing you will have to do on your part is to make sure you have the following requirements.

Necessary Education and Experience

You must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma (this requirement is not necessary but still is preferable), and have the experience to work in a warehouse, factory, or similar environment. 


Certifications show employers you have basic knowledge and expertise regarding the position you are applying for. Certifications also make you a competitive candidate; even if your employer doesn’t need one, it helps you stand out in applications. Certifications also improve your skillset that you’re bringing to your work. The Forklift Safety and Inspector certification is most common, but a Commercial Driver’s License is also often seen in forklift operator’s resumes. An OSHA Safety Certificate is often also very important. 

Find your desired job using Best Personnel

Start creating your resume after you’re certified and ready, and search from the best list of available forklift operator positions handpicked for you by Best Personnel. 

Why General Labor Jobs are a Great Option for you

With certifications, a license, and a high school diploma, you’re not limited to only forklift operator opportunities; general labor jobs generally will be a great option for you. With a diploma and certifications, you can get a position in very promising companies in Vancouver. 

The following are reasons why working in general labor jobs is a great option.

General labor jobs are always in high demand 

On the Best Personnel website, visit the “Explore Our Jobs” page, and you will see that industries are mainly always looking for industrial, construction, office, and janitorial/cleaner help. When searching for varying job opportunities for employment and looking up different search terms, you will often come across “general labor,” especially when looking for industrial positions or construction work around Vancouver. 

General labor jobs are often all physical manual work. These may be tiring for some, but if you dread sitting in one place for hours, general labor opportunities are definitely a good option for you. 

General labor positions around Vancouver provide you with a mix of varying jobs, and that’s one of the major appeals of these postings, along with a decent hourly salary. General labor jobs involve hard work, but with such simple requirements and a decent pay structure, it’s worth it in the long run, you only need to figure out which general labor job type you think you will be best for, and Best Personnel will help you find it. 

General labor jobs improve your skillset

Some people think that general labor jobs involve temporary short termed assignments and require no more than a driver’s license. However, this is not the case as general labor jobs need hard work and dedication; in return, they reward you with an improved skillset that you can use in various other general labor jobs. 

If you’re new to general labor jobs, you will get more potential opportunities for development in your skillset. You may even get special safety training certification which you can add to your resume whenever you’re looking for other general labor jobs. Though some Vancouver job postings involve simple tasks on a short-term basis, these are incredibly rare, so you hardly ever come across such postings. 

General laborers in construction postings around Vancouver, BC, earn a decent annual salary. Vancouver is full of good general labor job opportunities, and with Best Personnel, you can easily find them. 

Knowledge of the industry

Being in a general labor job does not only improve your skills in the position you’re in but also gives you useful knowledge regarding your industry and various other industries that offer other general labor jobs. An entry-level general labor position gives you a basic understanding of the daily operations that take place in a company. 

In a way, you get paid and acquire information about various useful topics such as construction principles and know how competent the company you work for is. 

Work that you enjoy

Working in a general labor position is enjoyable for many, especially if you like to work outdoors, work with your hands, and build and construct things. In a general labor position, you get to enjoy such hobbies with a steady paycheck and social benefits. 

The term “general labor” doesn’t just stop at forklift operators or construction workers; it surrounds various job types, all involving some sort of physical work. The employment opportunities around Vancouver are infinite, and with Best Personnel, you can easily locate the one that fits you best. 


Most types of jobs require a lot of things and high education. General labor positions balance the playing field for people who want a steady income without requiring a lot of education or expertise. 

With a general labor job, you will only need a high school diploma, a driver’s license, certifications, and some experience in the position you’re applying for, and even these requirements aren’t necessary but rather are preferable and will help in your resume. 

Vancouver is a place of many opportunities, and with Best Personnel, it’s easy to find a good general labor job with good pay and several other benefits.