Get Up to Whistler this winter by Renting a Car

Whistler is one of the most beautiful and famous places you should visit in British Columbia. Whistler is especially great in winter as it offers stunning mountain views, beautiful old-growth forests, and winter activities such as snowboarding and skiing. 

Visiting Whistler by bus can be quite dangerous and a bit risky during winter, so most people prefer traveling by car. Sometimes traveling by your car isn’t possible so most people prefer car rentals. Ascent car rental offers high-quality vehicles at affordable prices so you can rent a car and travel to Whistler comfortably and safely. 

Why travel to Whistler?

Whistler has many amazing sights for you to witness, such as Shannon falls, an ancient glacial fjord, never-ending mountain ranges, the second-largest granite monolith in the world, and one of the most scenic routes to travel on; the sky highway. 

The world-famous Sea to Sky gondola is another amazing thing in Whistler. It gives you incredible 360-degree views of the coastal mountains. 

The Whistler tour by Ascent Car Rental showcases Whistler Village, an old fashion, visually attractive village with thick forests and towering mountains. The town has everything to make your trip unforgettable, it has relaxing spas, and with a stroll in the forest, you can freshen your mind, fun activities to give yourself an adrenaline rush, and breathtaking sights for a memorable experience. 

Whistler is the most beautiful in winter, and with a wide variety of winter activities, there are many things to see and plenty to do. Enjoy four hours of leisure time to relax, dine and shop, or go out of town to explore and sightsee even more on an optional add-on activity. 

There are many car rentals in Vancouver for you to go on such an exciting trip with but Ascent Car Rental remains as one of the best ones. Ascent car rental offers you a fully personalized tour that provides you with total privacy and a high-quality full-size SUV for safety and comfort. With Ascent car rental, you can have a carefree and relaxing trip to Whistler. 

Why rent a car to visit Whistler?

The most direct route from Vancouver to Whistler is by car. If you’re on vacation, your own car will probably be at home, and if you’re planning to sightsee a lot in BC from Whistler to Stanley Park and all other areas, using a Vancouver car rentals service will be the safest, easiest, most comfortable, and most affordable way of traveling. 

There are several other means of transit from Vancouver to Whistler, such as buses. However, traveling by bus, especially in winter, can be risky and isn’t as comfortable as traveling by car. With a Vancouver car rentals service, you’re much more comfortable and carefree, and there’s a lot of privacy. What’s even better is if you’re not in the mood to drive yourself and want to see everything on the way without burden or distractions, Ascent car rental has private whistler tours so you can sightsee without your hands on the wheel. 

Whistler Tours

Ascent car rental provides you with a remarkable experience with its Whistler tours. With old-growth forests, stunning mountain valleys, Olympic venues, and views that can make you speechless and amazed, Whistler is one of the most stunning places for sightseeing and exploring. 

Whistler sightseeing tours

Whistler tours are full-day and start with a pickup from downtown Vancouver. During your drive to Whistler, the Sea to Sky Gondola and Shannon Waterfalls are the two most liked places on the trip; people of all ages adore these two locations. Because you don’t have to drive and are much more comfortable and carefree, you can see more than you would on walking whistler tours. 

Shops in Whistler

At the central Whistler village, you get four hours to sightsee and explore the village. The place is exciting, and there are many interesting sights to see and things to buy from, such as hidden shopping districts, gift shops, boutiques, and many others. Whistler has many great amenities. 

Dine-ins in Whistler 

Whistler has many places for you to dine in; you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in many different places in Whistler. A Whistler sightseeing trip is an amazing addition to any trip. Custom tours by Vancouver car rentals give you the flexibility of dining wherever you want; whether it’s a casual fare, easy, or a more exciting experience, it’s entirely up to you where you want to go and when you want to go. 

Whistler tours with a knowledgeable tour guide

Your Ascent car rental Whistler tour provides you with a knowledgeable guide that knows everything about the Whistler valley. Green lake, Olympic venues, and Rainbow Lake are some of the many beautiful places to visit in Whistler village. Your knowledgeable guide will introduce you to the beauty of the Northwest. In Whistler valley, there are many beautiful sights to behold. 

What’s the Whistler tour like?

The tour is four hours long and has various trails through the woods. You can take a quick stroll to green lake or explore Rainbow Park. The trip includes a scenic drive to the Whistler valley and a scenic drive back to downtown Vancouver. 

You cannot explore the entire Whistler valley in a single day. You have options to include many exciting activities in your Whistler sightseeing tour, such as zip lining or spending time at the Scandinavian Spa. 

A whistler tour includes dining in at beautiful restaurants, shopping at a wide variety of stores, or simply breathing in the fresh air of the beautiful West Coast mountains. There is something for everyone, regardless of their age, in the tour to make Whistler fun, and there are many tour options once you reach Whistler. Whistler sightseeing tours, whistler walking tours, or Whistler valley tours are all done during the day or throughout an extended stay.

Comfortable Custom Tours

With Ascent Car rental, you can explore Whistler in the comfort of a private car and avoid crowded buses. You don’t have to worry about driving a car yourself as your Whistler tour guide will pick you up and drive up to Whistler valley, where you can spend four hours however you like. Among all Vancouver car rentals, Ascent car rental has everything you need for a comfortable Whistler tour.