Wind Fencing for Professional Sporting Venues

Windscreens from WeatherSolve Structures are excellent for professional sporting venues that want to increase the privacy for training sessions and reduce gusts of wind blowing across pitches. 

At WeatherSolve Structures, we believe that sports shouldn’t be interrupted by bad weather. If you have arranged a tournament or a sporting event, you shouldn’t have to cancel it just because of gusts of wind. To solve this problem, the WeatherSolve Structures have designed a custom solution – known as wind fencing!

Wind Fencing & Its Benefits

Let’s start with the basic questions: what is a wind fence, and why do you need it?

The wind is the major cause of erosion. It transports spray, dust, and several other pollutants. The effect of wind varies according to the situation. When it comes to sporting venues, a strong wind can interrupt a sporting event, causing it to be delayed or canceled.

A wind fence is a fabric barrier against the wind. Usually, it’s 30 meters tall and made of different types of materials depending on the individual requirements and budget. It’s to protect your fields from strong winds and increase the privacy for matches and training sessions.

Here are some of the potential benefits of using wind fencing around professional sporting venues:

Wind Block

The most significant benefit of using a wind fence around a sporting venue is to block strong wind and control dust. Wind fences allow you to control the gust of wind blowing across the pitch. This helps you ensure there is no invasion of privacy and harmful dust.

By using wind fences around the field, you can mitigate the impact of wind behaviour on athlete performance. You can use wind fencing for all sorts of sports, including football, soccer, shooting, archery, ski aerials, water sports, and so on. As strong wind can interfere with the playing surface, blocking it with a fence can help you ensure a fair match!

Fencing & Privacy

In a few sports, privacy is of utmost importance. Players are required to practice their new methods and techniques in private to compete with other teams. In that scenario, a wind fence can help you ensure additional privacy from those wary of prying eyes.

Wind fences also help you keep invaders out of your sporting venue. If a professional team is practicing in your venue, you can ensure no one interrupts their practice. Wind fencing is not just to keep the wind gusts out but also uninvited people! 

No More Interruptions

One of the best things about a wind fence is that it helps you create a boundary around your sporting venue. It’s usually 100 feet tall and covers both upwind and downwind, allowing you to control your sporting venue as you like!

While fencing allows you to regulate the crowd, it also helps you keep the plays and spectators safe. It ensures you have a secure enclosed space around the sporting event, keeping the play free from interruptions.

Investing in Wind Fencing – Things to Consider

Before you select a wind fence for your professional sporting venues, there are a few things you must consider. Keep in mind that are various types of wind fences available out there, and each type has its own pros and cons.

Here are some of the important things to consider while selecting a wind fence:


First of all, you need to ensure that your select fence is effective. The primary function of a wind fence is to control dust and slow the wind. It’s noteworthy to mention here a wind fence won’t stop the wind completely – it’ll just slow it down!

When it comes to wind fencing, “effectiveness” is actually a level of wind control that meets some pre-set standards. These standards are set according to the environmental conditions, such as wind speed and the base level of dust. 


Your selected wind fence must be economical. It shouldn’t cost you a fortune to cover your sporting venue. There are several factors that will affect the cost of your wind fence, such as the fabric, quality, size, and so on.

Generally speaking, the more you invest, the better product you’ll get. For better results, you should definitely invest more money while investing in wind fencing. While determining the cost of wind fencing, also consider the installation cost and the maintenance cost prior to making a purchase.

Durability & Performance

In addition, your selected wind fence should also be durable and high-performance. When it comes to durability and performance, the quality of fabric plays an important role. Wind fences are made of different types of fabric. Select a fabric type according to the surrounding environment and weather conditions.

If you want a temporary fence to control the construction dust, you can invest in inexpensive variation, as durability is not the first prior in that case. Alternatively, if you want to use that fence permanently, you must invest in a durable wind barrier that can even handle storms.

WeatherSolve Structures and Custom Wind Fencing

If you are looking for wind fencing for your sporting venues, the WeatherSolve Structures is the ideal selection for you. They offer windscreens that are an excellent solution for creating a barrier against the wind. WeatherSolve Structures is a Canada-based company delivering high-performance products all around the globe!

WeatherSolve has the experience and expertise to deliver an effective solution for your wind-related problems. They use only the highest-quality fabrics to make wind fences. For solar fencing and optimal wind sheltering, the company uses F2 fabric, which is a mid-range porosity fabric, such as 34%, 40%, and 47% aerodynamic porosity.

Alternatively, if you want modest wind speed reduction over a greater distance, you can invest in fences made of F1 fabric with 20%-30% aerodynamic porosity. Furthermore, the company also offers fences made of F3-F7 fabric, depending on individual requirements and needs. All of these variations are durable and sturdy!