What Is Variks Selling?

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What Is Variks Selling?

In the ever-evolving world of Destiny 2, Guardians are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest gear to enhance their arsenal. One of the key figures responsible for supplying Guardians with essential equipment is Variks, the loyal Eliksni ally. Variks has played a pivotal role in Destiny 2’s narrative, and his offerings have always piqued the curiosity of the player community. So, what exactly is Variks selling, and why should Guardians be paying attention? Let’s delve into the mysterious inventory of this fascinating character.

The Enigmatic Vendor

Variks, the Loyal, is a character introduced in Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion and has since made appearances throughout the Destiny 2 series. As a former House of Judgment scribe turned Kell of the House of Judgment, Variks has a unique perspective on the Fallen culture and their complex relationships within the Destiny universe. In Destiny 2, he has made his home in the Tangled Shore, functioning as a vendor offering various items of interest to Guardians.

The Inventories

Variks offers a rotation of items that cater to both gameplay mechanics and lore-driven content. Here’s a breakdown of some of the notable items he often sells:

  1. Weapons and Armor: Variks sells powerful weapons and armor pieces that are designed to help Guardians face the challenges of the solar system. From hand cannons and pulse rifles to helmets and gauntlets, his offerings cover a wide spectrum of playstyles and preferences.
  2. Upgrade Materials: Guardians need resources to enhance their gear and weapons. Variks typically sells items like Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards, which are essential for infusing and upgrading gear to reach higher power levels.
  3. Bounties and Quests: Variks’ inventory often includes bounties and quests that lead Guardians through specific activities, offering unique rewards upon completion. These quests often provide lore-rich content, delving into the story of the Eliksni and their place in the Destiny universe.
  4. Ammunition Synthesis: Variks’ inventory might include Ammunition Synthesis items that allow Guardians to generate special ammo during challenging encounters. These can be a real lifesaver during raids and high-level activities.
  5. Cryptolith Lures and Wrathborn Hunts: As part of the Season of the Hunt, Variks introduced Cryptolith Lures and Wrathborn Hunts, where Guardians could focus their hunt for specific gear and rewards. This mechanic added a layer of strategy to the gameplay, encouraging players to tailor their hunts to their preferences.

The Significance

Variks’ inventory isn’t just about gear and rewards; it’s a window into the ongoing narrative of the Destiny universe. The items he sells often tie into the evolving storylines, shedding light on the complex relationships between the Eliksni and other factions within the Destiny world. With the return of the Fallen as allies, Variks has become a bridge between the Guardians and his own people, contributing to the lore’s richness.


Variks, the Loyal, stands as a unique vendor in the world of Destiny 2, offering not only gear and rewards but also insights into the intricate lore that underpins the game’s universe. As Guardians continue to explore the solar system and face new challenges, Variks’ inventory provides an ever-changing array of tools to aid them in their endeavors. So, the next time you find yourself in the Tangled Shore, don’t forget to pay a visit to Variks and see what he’s selling—there might just be a powerful weapon, a captivating story, or a lore revelation waiting for you.

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What Did Variks Do?

After the attack on Oryx’s Dreadnaught and the disappearance of both Mara and Uldren Sov, Variks became the de facto spymaster and commander of the Reef’s intelligence contingency, the Crows. He used them to look for a suitable Fallen worthy of being the Kell of Kells to unite the Fallen.

Is Variks The Warden?

Variks, the Loyal is a Fallen Scribe and former Warden of the Prison of Elders who wishes to see the Fallen return to lawful peaceful rule.

What Planet Is Variks On?

Variks The Loyal

Variks stays in Charon’s Crossing on Europa. He offers various Empire Hunts, assignments, and bounties. After players complete the Beyond Light campaign, Variks has 3 quests that need to be completed post-campaign. Those quests are called “Reclaiming Europa”, “Empire’s Fall”, and “The Dark Priestess”.

Who Voices Variks The Loyal?

Dee Bradley Baker: Variks.

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