What Is PS In Shoes?

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In the world of footwear, you may have come across the acronym “PS” printed on shoes, especially on the labels or tags. While this may initially seem like a cryptic code, it carries a significant meaning in the realm of fashion and footwear. In this blog, we will decode the “PS” in shoes, exploring its purpose, history, and its role in the world of fashion.

What Is PS In Shoes?

The “PS” in shoes stands for “Post Scriptum,” a Latin term that translates to “written after.” It is commonly used in the context of fashion and footwear to denote a collection or design that comes after the main or primary collection. Essentially, it serves as an additional note, similar to what a postscript does in a letter.

The Significance Of “PS” In Shoes:

  1. Secondary Line: In the fashion industry, major brands or designers often have secondary lines or collections that complement their primary offerings. These secondary lines are denoted by “PS” to distinguish them from the main collection. This helPS consumers identify the different lines and their respective styles.
  2. Variety and Accessibility: “PS” collections typically cater to a broader audience by offering a range of designs that may be more affordable or accessible compared to the mainline products. This allows consumers to enjoy the brand’s aesthetics at various price points.
  3. Experimentation: Designers often use “PS” collections as an avenue for experimentation and creativity. These lines may feature innovative designs, materials, or styles that push the boundaries of traditional fashion.
  4. Seasonal Relevance: “PS” collections may be tailored to different seasons or fashion trends, offering consumers options that align with the current style landscape.
  5. Expansion: For fashion brands, “PS” lines can serve as a means to expand their market reach and appeal to a broader demographic without diluting the brand’s core identity.

Examples Of “PS” Collections:

  1. PS by Paul Smith: Renowned British fashion designer Paul Smith has a “PS by Paul Smith” collection, which offers a more casual and accessible range of clothing and accessories compared to the main Paul Smith line.
  2. HUGO by Hugo Boss: The “HUGO” brand by Hugo Boss includes “HUGO by Hugo Boss,” which features contemporary, streetwear-inspired designs that cater to a younger and more fashion-forward audience.
  3. Z Zegna: Italian luxury fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna has a “Z Zegna” collection that focuses on modern, youthful, and innovative menswear, distinct from the traditional Zegna offerings.


The “PS” in shoes and fashion serves as a signifier of secondary collections that provide variety, accessibility, and experimentation for both designers and consumers. It allows fashion brands to diversify their offerings while maintaining their core identity and appeal. So, the next time you spot “PS” on a pair of shoes or in the fashion world, you’ll know that it represents an intriguing and distinct facet of the brand’s creative journey.

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What Is The Difference Between PS And Gs Shoes?

Sneakers with ‘PS’ in the product name/description are made for Pre-Schoolers. These run from a UK 10/EU 27.5 to a UK 2.5/EU 35. Sneakers with ‘GS’ in the product name/description are made to for Grade-Schoolers.

What Does PS Stand For On Stockx?

(PS) – Preschool. (TD) – Toddler. (I) -Infant.

What Is Gs In Nike Shoes?

The word GS is a short form of ‘Grade School,’ which means the size of the shoes in relation to an average kids’ shoe size. This term is a specific modification for sneakers shoes from Nike and Jordan and generally refers to a smaller shoe size that can fit either a boy or girl.

What Does Gs And PS Mean When Buying Shoes?

GS = Grade school PS= Preschool. The difference is the sizing, and materials used. The smaller they get usually the worse the materials.

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