What Is An MRN Number?

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MRN, or Movement Reference Number, is a term encountered in different fields, each with its own unique implications. In this article, we delve into the diverse realms where MRN numbers play a crucial role, providing a comprehensive understanding of their significance.

What Is An MRN Number?

This section provides a fundamental definition of MRN, offering readers a clear understanding of what this acronym stands for and its primary purpose.

MRN Number In Hospitals

Hospitals utilize MRN numbers for specific purposes related to patient records and healthcare management. This section explores the role of MRN numbers in the medical field, emphasizing their importance in maintaining organized and accurate patient information.

MRN Number In Shipping

For those engaged in shipping and logistics, MRN numbers hold a distinct relevance. Here, we uncover the role of MRN numbers in the shipping industry, explaining how these numbers streamline the movement of goods and contribute to efficient supply chain management.

MRN Number In Customs

Customs procedures involve the use of MRN numbers to facilitate the smooth passage of goods across borders. This section sheds light on how customs authorities employ MRN numbers, ensuring compliance with regulations and expediting the clearance process.

Understanding The Structure Of An MRN Number

An MRN number follows a specific structure, and understanding its components is crucial for accurate interpretation. This section breaks down the typical structure of an MRN number, providing insights into its format and the information it conveys.

Significance Of MRN Numbers In Record-Keeping

In this section, we explore how MRN numbers contribute to meticulous record-keeping. Whether in healthcare, shipping, or customs, the use of MRN numbers enhances the accuracy and accessibility of essential information.

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How To Obtain An MRN Number?

For those seeking an MRN number, this section outlines the procedures involved in obtaining one. Whether in a hospital setting, shipping context, or customs clearance, the article provides guidance on the steps to acquire an MRN number.

MRN Number Best Practices

To ensure the effective use of MRN numbers, adhering to best practices is essential. This section offers tips and recommendations for utilizing MRN numbers efficiently, minimizing errors, and maximizing their benefits.


In concluding the article, we summarize the multifaceted nature of MRN numbers. From hospitals to shipping and customs, MRN numbers serve as indispensable tools, streamlining processes and contributing to the overall efficiency of diverse industries.

By the end of this exploration, readers will have gained a comprehensive understanding of what an MRN number is, its significance in various sectors, and the role it plays in fostering streamlined operations and accurate record-keeping. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, logistics expert, or involved in international trade, this guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate the versatile realm of MRN numbers.


What Is A MRN In Healthcare?

The Medical Record Number (MRN) is the critical link between a patient and the patient’s medical records. All UTMB Health staff responsible for patient registration must ensure that each patient receiving services at UTMB Health is assigned only one unique, permanent MRN.

Is MRN The Same As Patient Id?

The health system uses a patient corporate number (PCN), assigned to each patient in the health system as a patient identifier. Each hospital assigns its own medical record number (MRN) to each patient and a separate encounter number for each visit.

What Does An MRN Number Look Like?

Some facilities use simple numbers, others use alpha-numeric identifiers — often the alphabets identify the specialty, the department or facility. Some facilities like to use year and month in the number. In all cases the MRN must be unique for each patient and cannot be re-used in case the patient leaves or dies.

How Do I Find An MRN?

Discharge or visit summary you received at your last office visit, ER visit, or inpatient stay. Orders documents for lab testing.

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