What Is A Rim Joist?

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In the realm of construction and home improvement, certain terms might seem unfamiliar, yet they play crucial roles in the structural integrity of buildings. The rim joist is one such fundamental component that holds significance in the framing of a house or structure. Let’s explore the concept, purpose, and importance of the rim joist in construction.

What Is A Rim Joist?

The rim joist, also known as a band joist or perimeter joist, serves as a vital part of the building’s framing system, particularly in platform framing, which is a common method used in residential construction.

Location And Function

Situated at the perimeter of a building’s floor structure, the rim joist runs horizontally and serves multiple functions:

  • Support and Stability: It provides lateral support to the ends of the floor joists, helping distribute the weight of the structure to the foundation walls or support columns.
  • Sealing and Insulation: The rim joist acts as a barrier, sealing the ends of the floor joists and preventing air infiltration or moisture intrusion. Properly insulating this area helps improve energy efficiency within the building.

Material And Construction

Rim joists are typically constructed from dimensional lumber, such as 2×8, 2×10, or 2×12 boards, matching the dimensions of the floor joists. Alternatively, engineered materials like laminated veneer lumber (LVL) or engineered wood products may also be used for added strength and stability.

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Importance In Building Code

The proper installation and construction of the rim joist are crucial for compliance with building codes and structural integrity. Building codes often dictate specific requirements for rim joists to ensure stability, safety, and energy efficiency in buildings.

Challenges And Considerations

Despite its importance, rim joists can pose challenges related to insulation, moisture control, and structural stability. Improper installation or inadequate insulation in this area can lead to energy loss, moisture problems, or even structural issues over time.


The rim joist might seem like a small component in the grand scheme of building construction, but its role in providing structural support, sealing against elements, and ensuring energy efficiency is undeniable. Understanding the significance of the rim joist sheds light on its importance in maintaining the integrity and longevity of buildings, highlighting the intricate details and considerations involved in construction and home improvement.


What Is The Purpose Of A Rim Joist?

A rim joist or band board provides lateral support for the other joists in your subfloor preventing them from collapsing under your structure’s weight. On top of this, it caps off the terminal areas of other joists. This in turn prevents cavities that might expose your home to outside air or moisture.

What Is The Difference Between A Rim Joist And A Floor Joist?

In a home or building, the rim joists provide lateral support to other floor joists. They stop the floor joists from caving in under your building’s weight. Additionally, they cap off the end of your other joists. In turn, this prevents the formation of cavities that might open your home to the elements.

What Is Another Name For A Rim Joist?

It is also confusingly called a header (header also refers to other framing components) or rim board. Collectively, the end joists and rim joists are called band joists, especially in regard to deck construction.

What Is The Difference Between Rim Joist And Outside Joist?

Outermost joists span the short side of your house. Rim joists are usually set on the upper levels of the walls or the foundation walls then nailed into the framing. Contractors use three nails driven through the outside joists to the end of the joists.

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