What Is A Power Liftgate?

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Have you ever struggled to open or close the trunk of your car, especially when your hands were full of groceries, luggage, or sports equipment? If so, you might appreciate the convenience of a power liftgate, a feature that allows you to operate the trunk of your vehicle with the push of a button or the wave of your foot. In this blog, we’ll explain what a power liftgate is, how it works, and what benefits it can offer to drivers and passengers.

What Is A Power Liftgate?

A power liftgate is a motorized mechanism that opens and closes the trunk or rear door of a car, SUV, or van. Power liftgates can be operated by various methods, such as:

  • A remote key fob that unlocks and opens the liftgate from a distance
  • A button or switch located inside the car, such as on the dashboard, the center console, or the driver’s door
  • A sensor that detects a kicking motion under the rear bumper, which triggers the liftgate to open or close

Some power liftgates also have additional features, such as

  • Adjustable opening height, which allows you to set the liftgate to open partially or fully, depending on your needs
  • Power-closing assist, which gently pulls the liftgate down and latches it securely without requiring you to slam it
  • Hands-free operation, which lets you open the liftgate without using your hands, by waving your foot or elbow in front of the sensor

Power liftgates can be found as a standard or optional feature on many vehicles, ranging from compact cars to luxury SUVs. Some models may also offer power liftgates for the side doors, such as sliding doors or split tailgates.

What Are The Benefits Of A Power Liftgate?

There are several benefits of having a power liftgate on your car, including:

  • Convenience: With a power liftgate, you don’t have to struggle with the weight or awkwardness of lifting and closing the trunk by yourself, or ask someone else to help you. You can simply press a button or wave your foot to open or close the liftgate, even when your hands are full or dirty.
  • Safety: Power liftgates can reduce the risk of injuries or strains caused by lifting heavy objects, especially if you have back problems, arthritis, or mobility issues. Power liftgates can also prevent accidental falls or pinches caused by manual closing.
  • Security: Power liftgates can enhance the security of your car, as they can be programmed to lock automatically when the car is in motion or after a certain time. Power liftgates can also deter theft or break-ins, as they are harder to pry open than manual liftgates.
  • Style: Power liftgates can add a touch of modern and sleek design to your car, as they eliminate the need for bulky handles, hinges, or struts that can clutter the rear end. Power liftgates can also improve the aerodynamics and fuel efficiency of your car, as they reduce drag and turbulence.


In conclusion, a power liftgate is a motorized mechanism that allows you to open and close the trunk or rear door of your car with ease and convenience. A power liftgate can offer many benefits, such as reducing the physical strain of lifting heavy objects, enhancing the security of your car, and adding a stylish touch to your vehicle. If you’re in the market for a new car or looking to upgrade your current one, consider the option of a power liftgate and enjoy the added comfort and safety it can provide.

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What Is The Difference Between A Liftgate And A Power Liftgate?

A power liftgate has a similar design to a manual liftgate. The only difference is you don’t need to engage the handle to open or close one. Instead, a motor opens and closes a power liftgate electronically.

What Is A Power Liftgate On A Car?

What’s a Power Liftgate? A power liftgate is a motorized hatch that opens and closes electronically. You can activate the system by pressing or holding a button inside the car, the key fob, or the hatch itself. Older iterations required you to unlock the vehicle using the key fob first before you could activate the hatch.

Is A Power Liftgate Necessary?

If you look at it in terms of convenience, power liftgates are really helpful, especially if you are someone who frequently uses your vehicle’s cargo or backdoor. The prospect of having to open your vehicle’s rear door without having to put down whatever you are carrying makes it seem really worth it.

What Is Power Liftback?

Nowadays, many vehicles have an available rear power liftgate. The feature works to provide an enhanced experience with the rear hatch of vehicles. Such liftgates have a motorized section to electronically open and close the hatch when you need it – either with an interior button or a key fob.

What Is The Benefit Of Power Liftgate?

Power liftgates are great tools for minimizing the risk to workers because they remove a lot of the heavy lifting that comes with hauling freight.


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