What Are The Different Factors When Determining The Value Of A Slip And Fall Settlement?

There are times when we walk around and slip on something we shouldn’t have. It can be an overwhelming experience to go through. Especially if you’re not entirely sure where to start. If you have tripped and injured yourself because of someone else’s carelessness, you may start wondering how much compensation you can receive to cover the accident-related expenses. It’s important to research your options and make sure you are following the proper steps.

Severity of injuries

If you experience more severe injuries, you will most likely receive a larger settlement in a slip-and-fall lawsuit because of the suffering you will endure. Severe injuries like spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries raise the value of compensation. Compared to soft-tissue wounds like bruising and sprains. If injuries are permanent, you will be awarded a higher compensation amount due to loss of future earning capability. Permanent injuries include disfigurement, brain trauma, or diminished mobility.


If your injuries completely change your life, you may get a higher compensation amount. For example, some injuries can prevent you from walking, standing, working, traveling, or playing sports. Making it harder to achieve your daily activities. Victims whose lives change dramatically will receive more compensation compared to those whose lives don’t. Make sure to write down these details as you’re trying to figure out your case.

Treatment costs

Victims who undergo major treatment in hospitals will receive high compensation. Especially if you had to initially pay for the appointment. If the victim takes a long time to recover and must do numerous follow-up appointments, then that counts as damage. Even if the victim had to buy prescriptions for medical treatment, they will get more money. On the other hand, soft injuries result in a lower compensation amount. If your property was damaged, include it in your claim, especially if the property was valuable Either way, your attorney will be able to figure out what route you’ll need to take.


If you provide sufficient evidence to prove the other party caused your injuries, you will get higher financial compensation. Make sure to take photos of the scene where you had your accident. Especially the location and what exactly caused it. If you can, try to record the area. Your attorney should gather all the evidence and strengthen your case to ensure you get full compensation.

Emotional distress

Victims may develop emotional trauma after an accident, which can be debilitating. In addition, the trauma can cause the development of suicidal thoughts or drug problems. Victims can receive compensation for emotional distress, but they must prove they are suffering from psychological trauma. You can prove it by undergoing a mental health evaluation and presenting evidence of treatment from mental health specialists. Your lawyer can allow professional mental health specialists to testify that the accident has long-lasting psychological effects on you.


When a case can attract bad publicity for high-profile defendants like huge businesses, then the settlement amount will increase. Businesses require good press from the public, anything that makes them look bad could affect their business. The defendant may pay the victim quickly to avoid bad press which can affect their businesses. Which can speed your case up and help you receive your compensation. Make sure to follow your lawyer’s lead during this time.

Cost of litigation

Litigation involves deposing witnesses, clerical work, hiring experts, and gathering evidence. Those expenses can quickly add up for defendants, especially if a case has many witnesses. In such situations, the defendants may willingly pay higher compensation amounts to avoid increasing their defense costs. However, if the plaintiff doesn’t have the resources to handle complex cases effectively, rich defendants can force them to reduce the value of compensation. Which can be a slippery slope depending on how your case goes.


The value of monetary compensation is determined by factors like the severity of injuries, treatment costs, strong evidence to prove liability, and emotional distress you suffered. Other factors that can affect the compensation amount include the cost of litigation, property damage, and reduced quality of life. It’s in your best interest to figure out what you are owed and ask a legal team for assistance. They will review your case and make sure you get the justice you deserve. You don’t want to miss out on any money that you are owed.