What Airport Is Lit?

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What Airport Is LIT?

When planning a trip or considering travel options, understanding your departure and arrival airports is essential. One airport that has gained attention, particularly among those familiar with internet slang, is “LIT.” While “lit” is a term commonly used to describe something exciting or extraordinary, LIT is also the IATA code for Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field, a major airport in Little Rock, Arkansas. In this blog, we’ll explore all there is to know about LIT Airport.

Bill And Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field (LIT)

  1. History and Name: Originally known as Adams Field, the airport was named after Captain George Geyer Adams, an Arkansas native who lost his life in World War II. In 2012, the airport’s name was officially changed to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field, in honor of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, both of whom hail from Arkansas.
  2. Location: LIT Airport is situated in Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas. Its central location in the state makes it a vital transportation hub for travelers in the region.
  3. Facilities and Services: LIT offers a range of services and facilities to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience. Passengers can find dining options, shopping, rental car services, and passenger lounges within the terminal.
  4. Airlines and Destinations: LIT Airport serves as a hub for several major airlines, including American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. It offers flights to various domestic destinations, connecting passengers to cities across the United States.
  5. Cargo Operations: In addition to passenger services, LIT Airport has a thriving cargo operation, contributing to the region’s economic development. The presence of cargo carriers like FedEx and UPS makes it an essential logistics hub.
  6. Modernization and Expansion: LIT has undergone significant modernization and expansion efforts in recent years to meet the growing demands of travelers and enhance its services.

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The “LIT” Airport: Internet Slang

While “LIT” is primarily the IATA code for Little Rock’s airport, the term “lit” in internet slang is used to describe something that is exciting, fun, or excellent. It has become a popular expression, especially in reference to events, parties, music, or anything that is considered remarkable or exhilarating.


Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field, with its IATA code “LIT,” plays a vital role in connecting travelers within the United States. Whether you’re using it for your next flight or appreciating the “lit” moments of your journey, LIT Airport serves as a gateway to exciting destinations and experiences. So, whether you’re excited about your travels or experiencing something truly extraordinary, remember that “LIT” can refer to both a vibrant airport in Arkansas and an electrifying moment in your life.


What Airlines Fly Out Of LIT?


  • Allegiant Air. Customer Service (702) 505-8888.
  • American Airlines. Customer Service: 1-800-433-7300.
  • Delta Airlines. Customer Service: 1-800-221-1212.
  • Customer Service: 1-800-435-9792.
  • United Airlines. Customer Service: 1-800-864-8331.
  • Frontier Airlines. Customer Service: 801-401-9000.

What Airport Is LIT In Arkansas?

Little Rock is served by the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT), which is located just a few miles from downtown. There are several airlines that offer direct flights to Little Rock from major cities across the United States.

Is LIT A Big Airport?

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is Arkansas’s largest commercial service airport, with nearly two million passengers annually. Also known as Adams Field, Little Rock’s airport hosts six airlines with dozen of daily departures and nonstop service to 14 destinations.

What County Is LIT Airport In?

The airport generates more than $1.2 billion in annual economic benefit. During the past four years, the airport has generated more than $45 million in taxes for the state of Arkansas, city of Little Rock and Pulaski County.

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