Unlock Hidden Talent on Social Networks with These Hiring Tips!

Social media can be one of the most effective tools for creating a talent pipeline. 

In this fiercely competitive industry for hunting talent, recruiters are sparing no efforts in trying to find their “purple squirrels.”

But there is a ton of untapped potential on social media that many recruiters still haven’t reached. 

When social recruiting offers a much wider scope, and easier access to locating talent, why swim upstream, climb mountains, and play hide and seek just to hunt down the right candidates? 

With so much potential in social recruiting, here are five ways recruiters can tap into social media platforms to find their next purple squirrel!

When it comes to recruiting, investing in technology should be your top priority. 

Invest in a social recruiting tool like LinkedIn Recruiter, Facebook Search, and Indeed. These tools will help you find the suitable candidates you are looking for.

Apart from this, use a social media management tool like Hootsuite or Buffer. These tools are essential for planning, organizing posts, and tracking progress and activity. 

To save more time, invest in a recruitment tech platform like a candidate tracking system or an applicant tracking system.

Make sure your recruitment platform comes with handy integrations so that you can integrate your social media management tools to save time. 

    2. Curate and Publish Original Content

If you want to attract the right talent on social media, it’s important to understand your audience and create original content for them.

Ensure your content is relevant to your audience and they gain something after visiting it. Along with relevance, your posts should be trendy and catchy.

If you are unaware of the current trends, you can check out Google Trends to know what’s happening in your industry.

Creating quirky, out-of-the-box bucket ideas gains more traction and responses even if you have not generated advertisements for the post. 

Quick Tip: Always include a call to action that links people to your social media profiles and allows both parties to continue the conversation.

       3. Leverage Social Media Advertisements : Facebook 

Social advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram allows you to precisely target your ideal candidate personas. 

It is impossible with organic reach because it allows for niche targeting, which enables you to share content with the precise demographics you’re searching for (e.g., area + hobbies + job title + age group). 

With the proactive sharing of information and job postings with your targeted audiences, social media advertising may target either passive or active prospects.

You can use any type of content to reach your target audience, including ads, blog articles, videos, and other media types. Keep in mind that paid advertising can be costly, so you’ll need to decide how it fits into your recruitment budget and what outcomes you’re expecting. 

       4. Stay Active on the Right Channels

Knowing your audience is essential in this situation. 

Not every candidate will spend time on every social media platform, depending on the qualifications you are searching for. The use of social media will depend on their industry, age, and other factors. 

Some candidates favor Quora over Twitter or Instagram over Facebook. 

Although Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter remain the most effective social media platforms for recruiting, other sites like Instagram also hold potential. 

Find the gold mine worth your time and work by exploring as many platforms as you feel comfortable using.

5. Make Use of Employee Advocacy to Promote Your Employer Brand

Never undervalue the strength of your own people–your existing employees!

Most people tend to trust word of mouth, so make use of employee referral programs to uncover more qualified candidates. 

Your existing team members know the job descriptions, the corporate culture, and the kinds of candidates who might fit in well. 

So, it is important for you to ask your current employees to share the vacancies along with their experience in the company as much as possible to attract top-notch talent. 

Keep in mind that when using social media platforms, you should be authentic. Authenticity and creating engaging conversation with your audience can bring in reliable talent from social media.

Using these platforms effectively will allow you to find prospects, build relationships with them on a professional level, helping you uncover some extraordinary talent!