Things To Remember Before Filing Divorce

You will have to provide a lot of paperwork, statements, agreements, and other things when you file for divorce, which will make the process challenging for you. If this describes you, then get in touch with a divorce lawyer Boston, MA, and ask for guidance. Additionally, keep in mind the things mentioned in this article to make the divorce process easier.

What To Remember Before You File Divorce?

  1. Consult an attorney

When you decide to legally separate ways with your spouse, it becomes essential to hire an attorney. Since the process of filing a divorce is complicated, an attorney will make this process easy for you. Additionally, an attorney will give you legal advice on child custody, asset division, debt sharing, spousal IRS, etc, to make sure you give all the benefits after your divorce.

  1. Separate your finances

Once you have decided to file for divorce, you should gather copies of all the financial records you and your spouse hold. These will include bank accounts, rental agreements, pension plans, tax returns, etc. Keep records of your monthly expenses, child expenses, car maintenance, etc., to make sure you divide these expenses and bills equally and rightfully when you are asked for the expenses in court.

  1. Separate your credit

Before you file for a divorce, the first thing you should do is obtain a credit card for yourself. This will ensure you spend your money after divorce without any consent from your partner, unlike you do in shared credit. Also, your spouse can control your bills when you file for divorce to create hindrance if you have shared credit.

  1. Consider the type of divorce you want

Many people are unaware of the kind of divorce they are looking for when they are in an abusive marriage. Many people separate from their spouses due to physical abuse and consider going for an at-fault divorce, whereas others with no complaint of abuse from their spouses consider a no-fault divorce.

  1. Gather evidence 

If you file for divorce because of physical abuse, then you can get financial support from your spouse in court. But this will require you to have proof of physical violence with you, and it is important to collect these proofs before you file the divorce, or the defense attorney will try their best to erase these proofs.

  1. Plan for child custody if you have kids

If you have kids, then you will need to plan for their custody and draft a schedule to share the responsibilities of your children equally. Furthermore, if your children are minors, then you can collect their involvement with you along with your spouse’s behavior with the child to win the child’s custody.