What Is Teena Marie Cause Of Death? 

Why is it important to know about Teens Marie cause of death? Because it is always better to stay away from rumours and have real information. So, for real information, you should read this article till the end. If you are a fan of Teena Marie then this article is going to be very useful for you. She passed away a decade ago, but still, her fans and followers are searching for the cause of death Teena Marie Williams. Therefore, to make them easy, this article will provide them with a Teena Marie cause of death

What Is Teena Marie Cause Of Death?

Teena Marie cause of death was natural causes. So, natural causes refer to internal factors, like a medical condition or a disease as opposed to external factors, like trauma from an accident. In other words, natural causes could be anything from cancer to heart disease to diabetes. 

She was found dead on the afternoon of 26th December 2010 by Teena Marie daughter, Alisa Rose, in her Pasadena home. 

After Teena Marie died, her autopsy was performed by the Los Angeles County coroner, who found no signs of apparent trauma or a discernible cause of death, and concluded she had died from natural causes. 

Teena Marie funeral was held at Forest Lawn Cemetery on 10th January 2011. 

Now, you know what was the cause of Teena Marie death

Who Was Teena Marrie? 

Teena Marrie was one of the great American singers, songwriters, composers, musicians, record producers, and arrangers. She was born on 5th March 1956 in Santa Monica, California, U.S. her original name was Mary Christine Brockert but her professional name was Teena Marie. 

While attending Venice High School, Teena joined the Summer Dance Production and was the female lead in the school’s production of the Music Man

She gained an introduction to Motown Records staff producer Hal Davis in 1976. 

Her debut album was released Wild and Peaceful, it was at one point, due to be credited to “Teena Tryson”. 

Her second album, Lady T, featured her portrait on the cover and production from Richard Rudolph. 

Teena continued her success with Motown in 1981, with the release of It Must Be Magic, Gold Record, Squez Biz, etc. 

She had received three-time Grammy Award nominations. 

After debuting with Rick James on “Soul Train” in 1979, she became the show’s first white female guest. You Can also read long distance movers.

A big statement about her was that Teena Marrie ever married till the day she died. But she has a daughter Alisa Rose. Who is the father of Tine Marrie’s daughter? So, his name is Peter Butcher.

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How Did Teena Marie Die?

On the afternoon of December 26, 2010, Teena Marie was found dead by her daughter, Alia Rose, in her Pasadena home. On December 30, 2010, an autopsy was performed by the Los Angeles County coroner, who found no signs of apparent trauma or a discernible cause of death, and concluded she had died from natural causes.

Did Tina Marie The Singer Passed Away?

December 26, 2010

How Much Did Tina Sell Her Catalog For?


Tina Turner sold the rights to her music catalogue, including hits like The Best and Nutbush City Limits, to music publishing company BMG. The deal also sees BMG acquire the rights to Turner’s name, image, and likeness for future sponsorship and merchandising deals.

Was Tina Marie On The Beverly Hillbillies?

Her family lived in Mission Hills California and when she was eight years old, her parents began sending her on auditions. Tina, at tyhe age of eight landed an acting role on The Beverly Hillbillies!

How Much Money Did Tina Marie Have?

Teena Marie net worth: Teena Marie was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and producer who had a net worth of $3 million. Teena Marie was born in Santa Monica, California in March 1956 and passed away in December 2010.

How Much Is Rick James Estate Worth?

Although Rick James had an estimated $250,000 net worth at the time of his passing, per Celebrity Net Worth, his estate has been busy working to keep his legacy and generational influence alive.

Did Tina Marie And Rick James Have A Relationship?

Rick James and Teena Marie\r – This pair remained partners in music long after their relationship fizzled. They made many classics together including the incomparable “Fire and Desire,” which they performed for the last time together at the 2004 BET Awards.

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Final Thought 

So, you have known about what was the cause of death for Teena Marrie. The cause of Teena Marie death was a natural cause, which we have explained above. The most popular Teena Marie songs are fire and desire, Deja Vu, I Need Your Lovin, Out on a Limb, Square Biz, Portuguese Love, and many more. In this article, we also had information about Teena Marie’s daughter. What does Tina Marie Daughter look like? She looks like her mother Teena Marie. This was Teena Marie cause of death.


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