What Is Skilyr Hicks Cause Of Death? 

Are you looking for a Skilyr Hocks cause of death, aren’t you? Let me explain to you with the help of this article in detail. A very sad thing about her death was, that she was just 23 years old. She was at her career start and such tragedy happened to her. Her family and friends were too shocked after hearing this bad news. She become known to various people from America’s Got Talent due to her talent. So, without any delay let’s know Skilyr Hicks cause of death

What Is Skilyr Hicks Cause Of Death?

Skilyr Hicks cause of death was drug overdose probably. When she died his sister confirmed in a Facebook post and she wrote like, 

“My super beautiful, extremely talented, hilarious, free spirit of a sister left this world to be with Jesus. I can’t possibly put into words how broken-hearted I am,” on Wednesday. 

Hicks was found dead in a home in Liberty, South Carolina, according to a police report of the incident, Skilyr Hicks age was 23 years. 

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office wrote in the report that it is believed the young singer died from a possible drug overdose according to Skiylr Hiks Autopsy. Also, they said the investigation remains active. 

Her mother Jodi didn’t divulge the cause of death Skilyr Hicks, but she said in an interview that Hicks struggled with substance misuse, health issues, and depression. 

Prior to the terrible occurrence, she blew a.126 and harmed her elder sister Breelyn Hicks, for which she was arrested for domestic violence. 

So, after knowing Skilyr Hicks’s cause of death, know about her, who was she. 

Who Was Skilyr Hicks? 

Skilyr Hicks was a young singer, songwriter, and musician. Skilyr was born in 1998 in North Coast, South Carolina. 

She was a former America’s Got Talent Contestant, she stunned the world when on 8th December. 

She lost her father at the age of 14 and specially wrote a song just for her father. Skilyr Hicks father cause of death was unknown.  

Skilyr had a passion for singing, but she first brought her art to the fore after her father’s death. 

She handled her Youtube channel on 8 May 2012. Her first video uploaded on her Youtube channel was titled “Love That Can’t Be Broken.” 

From 2012 to 2013 she released multiple videos of her written songs, for which she received a lot of praise, even some local shows encouraged her to showcase her skill on their platform. You Can also read cheap cross country movers.

On 17th July 2013, her journey on America’s Got Talent season 8 ended when she began crying while singing her original song, “Second Chance.” 

After coming out to America’s Got Talent, she didn’t give up and continued her Musical journey till her death on 6th December 2021. 

Now, you know how didi Hicks die?

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When Did Skilyr Hicks Die?

December 6, 2021

What Happened To Skilyr Hicks America’s Got Talent?

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office said it believes she died from a “possible drug overdose.” Hicks burst on the scene in 2013 as a 14-year-old competing on the eighth season of “America’s Got Talent.” She auditioned with an original song, telling the judges she began playing music after the death of her father.

Who Passed Away From America’s Got Talent?

He was 44 years old. America’s Got Talent finalist Zuri Craig has passed away at the age of 44, news broke in October.

How Far Did Skilyr Hicks Get On AGT?

Hicks performed a song she wrote on Season 8 of NBC’s talent show competition in 2013 when she was just 14 years old. She made it onto the second round, then was eliminated before the show’s live rounds. Hicks leaves behind her mother and four siblings.

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Final Thought 

This article has given you the cause of Skilyr Hicks’s death in detail. She has gone through a serious depression and also in April 2007, Georgia police took her to prison for reportedly abusing her family members. Even the extent happened when she underwent jail for intoxication at 20. It’s all about her bad habits but, she was one of the great contestants in America’s Got Talent. This is all about Skilyr Hicks cause of death.


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How did skilyr Hicks die?