Reverse Image Search Tools That Will Save Your Time

To search for photographs and videos online, there are a number of free programs available for the Android and iOS platforms. We have chosen tools that offer the greatest photographic database and are free to users. These tools are effective and offer multiple options along with an effective reverse image search.

Tools for Reverse Image Search

So far, there are five tools that we have selected from a range of options. These tools are reliable to use for reverse image searches. The list goes as follows,

Copy Checker Reverse Image Search

The first tool in our list is Copy Checker Reverse Image Search. The tool is available for download on both IOs and Android platforms. The tool crawls web pages of more than three different search engines and then provides results. This way, it provides a comprehensive list of images that match.


The second tool for doing a reverse image search is TinEye. The platform is a pioneer of reverse image search having the oldest database of images. The possibility is, that if you are not finding an image on any other tools, you can find it on TinEye. So with this specialty, we have selected this tool to include in our list. You can find it on both Android and IOs platforms.


The first search engine for reverse image search is Google. Google features one of the most diverse and updated databases of images. The user can search for an image by uploading images to Google Search – a custom-made image search engine. The results will appear on the screen. The result contains images from almost every website available on Google. Moreover, the images featured on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook appear in the search results.


Pixsy is free, however, unlike most other reverse image search engines, you must first create an account before using it. The site can be used for general non-professional reverse image searches, but the real focus here is for professionals who want to find unauthorized uses of their images, which can lead to takedown requests, and there are premium subscription levels (starting at $19 per month) that can help with these takedowns. In addition to uploading photographs directly from your computer, the service allows you to import images from social networking sites for searches.

Getty Images

Getty Images is another platform to look for images. It features millions of images of multiple categories. Also, many are unaware that the platform includes a suggestion feature as well. This feature helps us to find out optimum results while doing a reverse image search. So this can also act as a source for reverse image search.


The last tool for reverse image search is Pinterest. Being a source of thousands of trending pictures, Pinterest’s reverse image search favors those who want to have an appealing social media presence. The tool lists a pin option where you can find out similar images from the platform. 


The reverse image tools that we have listed are the best in terms of features. Giving multiple options for a better experience, these tools range from Google to Pinterest and also Copychecker’s Reverse Image Search. You can select the tool based on the preference of your usage.