Nurturing Excellence through Quality Education at Bukit Timah Tuition Centre 


Bukit Timah Tuition Centre is a centre offering tuition services to students in Singapore. Located at the heart of Bukit Timah, it has become a popular choice amongst students seeking to improve their academic performance. This article will provide an overview of what Bukit Timah Tuition Centre offers, its location and how it can help your child excel academically. 

Definition of Bukit Timah Tuition Centre

Bukit Timah Tuition Centre offers private tuition as well as group classes for primary and secondary school students in Singapore. It provides tuition for all major subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science, as well as specialized topics such as Creative Writing and Physics Olympiad Preparation. Its experienced teachers have years of experience teaching these subjects with proven results. 

Location of Bukit Timah Tuition Centre 

The centre is conveniently located at the junction between Clementi Road and Dunearn Road – one of the busiest roads in Singapore – making it easy for parents to drop off or pick up their children from lessons after school hours or on weekends. The centre also provides free parking space for its visitors making it even more convenient for those travelling by car. 


The Bukit Timah Tuition Centre has been an integral part of Singapore’s education system since its founding in 1990. The centre is renowned for providing quality tuition services to students from all walks of life, spanning from primary school to pre-university level.

The story of Bukit Timah Tuition Centre dates back to the early 1990s, when the founder and principal, Mr Tan Chai Peng, was inspired by a commitment to help children achieve their educational goals. At the time, tuition centres were few and far between in Singapore—fewer still that could provide quality instruction at an affordable rate.

This inspired Mr Tan to establish the Bukit Timah Tuition Centre with only two teachers on board and five students enrolled. Initially housed in a small office space near Upper Bukit Timah Road, the centre soon gained recognition for its effective teaching methods and affordable rates. From these humble beginnings, demand quickly grew as more parents sought out their services for their children’s studies. 

As enrolment increased over time so did the need for larger premises and additional resources – necessitating multiple expansions throughout the years including relocations in 2000 (to Tanjong Katong Complex) and 2018 (to Kovan). 

Services Offered by the Centre 

The Centre offers a range of educational services that can help students achieve their academic goals. It provides tutoring programs, additional educational resources, and other support services to ensure that all students have the tools they need to succeed.

Tutoring Programs Available

The Centre offers a variety of tutoring programs for students of all ages and levels. From basic reading and math skills to advanced science and history courses, the Centre’s knowledgeable tutors can provide one-on-one instruction tailored to each student’s individual needs. The tutors are also available for group lessons or online sessions if necessary. Tutoring sessions are held in comfortable rooms with plenty of space for learning activities and materials. 

Additional Educational Resources Offered by the Centre 

In addition to its tutoring programs, the Centre also provides access to a wide range of additional educational resources such as textbooks, study guides, practice tests, and other helpful materials. Students can use these resources both in class or at home while studying independently. The centre also has a library with an extensive selection of books on various topics related to education so that students can broaden their knowledge base beyond what is taught in school curriculum alone. 

Benefits of Attending the Tuition Centre 

Attending a tuition centre can be an invaluable part of any student’s educational journey. Tuition centres provide quality tutoring programs that can help improve academic performance, as well as develop important soft skills such as time management and study habits.

  • Academic Improvement Through Quality Tutoring Programs

One of the primary benefits of attending a tuition centre is the quality tutoring programs they offer. Most tuition centres have experienced instructors who can provide students with personalized guidance and instruction specific to their needs. This type of one-on-one teaching environment allows students to learn more effectively and efficiently, which in turn allows them to quickly grasp concepts they may have found difficult or challenging prior to attending the centre. In addition, attending a tuition centre provides students with access to valuable resources such as study material and additional practice tests which are designed to help them further strengthen their knowledge base and improve academic performance in school or college.

  • Development Of Soft Skills Such As Time Management, Study Habits, etc.

In addition to providing quality tutoring services for academics, tuition centres also focus on developing soft skills among its students such as time management and study habits which are essential for success both inside and outside the classroom. 


In conclusion, Bukit Timah Tuition Centre is one of the leading tuition centres in Singapore. It offers a wide range of courses and services to help students achieve their academic goals. The centre’s experienced tutors use innovative teaching methods to ensure that every student learns efficiently and effectively. With its commitment to providing quality education, Bukit Timah Tuition Centre is a great choice for those seeking reliable and effective tuition services.