What Is Mike Trivisonno Cause Of Death? 

Do you know Mike Trivisonno cause of death? Maybe not. Here, we will give you the exact cause of death for Mike Trivisonno through this article. When he passed away, he was 74 years old. But, he was more confident and stronger than youngsters. As soon as he passed away, the station shared the news of his death during an afternoon broadcast. It was very sad news for his fan followers. So, without doing too much discussion, let’s roll down to know about Mike Trivisonno cause of death. 

What Is Mike Trivisonno Cause Of Death? 

Mike Trivisonno cause of death was unknown, he died unexpectedly on 28th October 2021, at the age of 74. Due to the ongoing Covind pandemic, many people thought, did Mike Trivisonno die of covid or did Mike Trivisonno have cancer? But, the actual cause of death was unknown. 

When he died, the station shared the news as, “very sad to say that Mike Trivisonno passed away today at the age of 74,” Ray Davis, the programming director for the station, said on the air, per Cleveland 19 News. “It’s going to be a very difficult show today.” 

But, no cause of death was shared. Due to Mike Trivisonno cause of death rumors were spread like Mike Trivisonno heart attack was the cause.  

Now, you know what was the cause of Mike Trivisonno death.  

Who Was Mike Trivision? 

Mike Trivision was one of the great American radio broadcasters, and he was never afraid to share his opinions. No matter how controversial, Mike built a solid fan following that stuck with him for years. 

Mike was born on 20th September 1947 in East Cleveland, Ohio, United States

The most iconic conservative radio talk show host in the Cleveland area of the last few decades, Mike Trivisonno entertained thousands of listeners daily on WTAM 1100 radio. 

Also, he began hosting Sportsline on WWWE in 1994, and the show did well in the ratings, even though it was usually up against Cleveland Indians games on WKNR. 

He was awarded the “Best Talk Show Host” and “Personality of the Year.” 

He also remained in the news due to his personal life. Mike Trivisonno wife Tami is most famously known as his wife but has managed to stay out of the spotlight over the years as not much information is available on her. She was his second wife after Linda Trivisonno. 

Like his personality, Mike Trivisonno annual salary was also a topic of discussion which was around $4,00,00. 

All was good, but unfortunately, he passed away on 28th October 2021. Mike trivisonnon cause of death covid is a rumor but his death cause is unknown.


Mike Trivisonno Country Of Origin?

Mike Trivisonno was born on September 20, 1947 East Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

Who Took Over For Mike Trivisonno?

David ‘Bloomdaddy’ Blomquist

WTAM names David ‘Bloomdaddy’ Blomquist as new afternoon show host following passing of Mike Trivisonno. Blomquist comes to Cleveland after working as the morning show host at 1170 WWVA in Wheeling, West Virginia.

What Golf Course Did Mike Trivisonno Own?

Through the 1970s and ’80s, Mr. Know It All was a Sportsline staple and Trivisonno a glorified volunteer. In 1979, he quit tiling. He and his wife started managing the Mid-Pines golf course in Solon.

What Station Is Mike Trivisonno On?

Newsradio WTAM 1100

Mike Trivisonno – Newsradio WTAM 1100.

How Much Money Does Mike Trivisonno Make?

Despite being a well known person in the industry, it remains unclear what his net worth is. It has been reported that it falls anywhere from $1million to $6million. Prior to his death, he was also known for his charitable work and had raised over $5million for local charities, according to WTAM

Was Mike Trivisonno A Smoker?

Previously a heavy smoker, Trivisonno filed a class-action lawsuit against the tobacco industry in 2001 trying to outlaw tobacco sales in the United States; the suit subsequently was dismissed.

Where Was Mike Trivisonno Buried?

Anselm Church in Chesterland.

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Final Thought 

Now you know what was Mike Trivisonno cause of death. Which was unknown but the death of Mike Trivisonno was known all because of his popularity and personality. In his career life, he has owned various awards and good wishes but he has left his three children and wife behind on 28th October 2021 due to his unexpected death. His popularity and high ratings led him to be ranked numerous times among Talkers Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred”, including most recently in 2015. This article has cleared all rumors about Mike Trivisonno cause of death.


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