What Is KiXSTAr Cause Of Death? 

What Is KiXSTAr Cause Of Death

Is KiXSTAr Dead? Yes. So, the article will give you KiXSTAr cause of death in detail. The passing of one of the brightest minds of Siege was unfathomable and also unbelievable for his family and fans. And when someone dies at a young age, then the news of their death is no less than a tragedy. The original name of KiXSTAr was Michael Stockley but mostly his fans know him by his name KiXSRAr. Without further delay, let’s move toward the main topic and know KiXSTAr cause of death

What Is KiXSTAr Cause Of Death?

KiXSTAr cause of death was a car accident, he died at the age of 24 on 11th October 2021 according to a statement from his family. Stockley’s former casting partner Parker Mackay shared the statement on Wednesday saying that Stockley passed away unexpectedly on the 11th of October.  

As per the outlet, California Highway Patrol officers received a report of an accident at Pinehurst and Redwood roads in Unincorporated Alameda County on Monday at 9:23 PM. On arriving at the location, they found an overturned 2020 BMW 330i with the driver trapped behind the wheel. Oakland firefighters, who responded to the KiXSTAr car crash scene and pronounced him dead, the report further claims. They made a report and declared Michael KiXSTAr Stockley cause of death was an accident.  

His family said he had been living at home with them during the Covid-19 lockdown, sharing meals and spending time connecting with his family. But now he has passed away and Micheal KiXSTAr cause of death was an accident. 

So, after knowing Rainbow six Siege KiXSTAr cause of death, let me tell you something about him. 

Who Was KiXSTAr? 

KiXSTAr was an American/British Rainbow Six Siege caster and former professional player who last worked for Ubisoft as a caster. Stockley was born on 9th March 1997 in England. 

During Pro League Year 1 Season 3, he became a member of the official Pro League casting crew. 

He worked very hard to list up the R6 Siege community, and in turn, many of his fans listed him up as well. 

When he was 19-year old, he played Rainbow Six Siege professionally with Team Orbit before transitioning to a broadcasting talent position in 2016. 

He won first place in 2016’s North American Pro League year 1seasons 1,2, and 3. Also, he served as a color commentator during major Siege events, including 2021’s Six Invitational and Six Mexico Major, as well as Siege’s North American League broadcasts. 

Now, you can answer the questions like what happened to KiXSTAr or When did KiXSTAr die? Because you know everything about KiXSTAr, including the cause of KiXSTAr death


How Did KiXSTAr Died?

Mackay said at the time Stockley’s family had told him he had died in a car accident with nobody else injured. He said his relationship with Stockley was closer to that of family than friends.

Is KiXSTAr Actually Dead?

“Michael worked hard to lift up the R6 Siege community.” Michael ‘KiXSTAr’ Stockley, Rainbow Six Siege caster, has died at the age of 24. Stockley was a caster, streamer and former professional player of the game.

What Happens To KiXSTAr?

Michael Stockley, aka KiXSTAr, was confirmed dead after a devastating solo car crash on Oct. 11, 2021 in California. Although he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, confirmation didn’t happen until two days later.

Why Did KiXSTAr Leave Pro League?

KiXSTAr stepped away from Pro League to focus on other work as a commentator and caster. He amassed a devoted fan base on the streaming platform Twitch, where he had over 444,000 followers. The young esports star cast global Rainbow Six events, including the Six Invitational and the Six Mexico Major.

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Final Thought 

While going through this article you know KiXSTAr cause of death car crash was. He was very young and died at the very young age of 24. Because he died at a young age, there is no more information about his career. But in this article, we have mentioned all possible information about him. If he lives for more years then he could be a very popular and big star. So, after reading this article you become known to KiXSTAr cause of death.


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