What Is Kevin Samuels Cause Of Death? 

Have you heard of Kevin Samuels’s death? Here we will reveal Kevin Samuels cause of death. As soon as the death news of Kevin blasts, the crowd turned to the internet to search for the cause of Kevin Samuels death. Everyone had a question in their mind what was the cause of Kevin Samuels death? Are you one of them? If yes, then keep reading this article. It was terrible news for his family, friends, and fans. He was 53 years old when he died. In addition to the cause of death of Ssamuels, we will also give some career highlights and his early life. So, without delay let’s get started and know Kevin Samuels cause of death. 

What Is Kevin Samuels Cause Of Death? 

Kevin Samuels cause of death was High blood pressure or hypertension. Controversial YouTuber Kevin Samuels has spent his career telling black women that they are too fat, that they will die alone, and that they will have high blood pressure. Now, as the cause of death Kevin Samuels is revealed, some can not help but note the irony. According to the autopsy, Samuels died of hypertension.

Samuels died on the 5th of May at his Atlanta, Georgia home. He was with a woman he had met earlier that night, she was 32 years old and her name was Ortensia Alcantara. 

When Kevin collapsed to the ground, he immediately called 911. She told the 911 operator she was a nurse and gave Samuels CPR after she turned blue. Kevin was taken to Piedmont Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He was 57 years old when he died. Kevin Samuels funeral was held on 21st May in Oklahoma City. 

Now, you know what was Kevin Samuels cause of death. Let’s have a look at his early life and career highlights. 

Who Was Kevin Samuels? 

Kevin Samuels was an American image consultant, internet personality, and YouTube sensation with videos focussing on the dating world. He was born on 13th March 1969 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. Kevin attended Millwood High and studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, but could not graduate at age 21 due to cancer. 

In 2013, he started his own image-consulting firm but before this, he worked in the marketing industry. He also created a YouTube channel in 2015 and within a few years, he grabbed more than 1.4 million subscribers. 

Samuels has had an online reputation for years, while the YouTuber just came out in 2020. The video that made Kevin popular was titled “You Are Average At Best”. Kevin is also known for his image consulting business, where he helps men and women design and develop their clothes so they look and feel their best. 

While talking about Kevin Samuels wife and Kevin Samuels Kids, he has been married twice and has a daughter with his first wife. But, he has never revealed his personal life more openly. 

Even in 2022, Kevin’s online career is going strong, with his videos on YouTube totaling more than 270 million views. Kevin Samuels net worth was between $4 and $5 million at the time of his death.   

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What Was The Official Cause Of Death For Kevin Samuels?

According to an autopsy, Samuels died of hypertension.

What Condition Did Kevin Samuels Have?

The Medical Examiner’s Office also mentioned Samuels had thickening of the heart wall, a condition also known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which very likely was a contributing factor in his death.

Was Kevin Samuels Married When He Died?

Personal Life And Death

Samuels was married and divorced twice. He had a daughter. On May 5, 2022, Samuels was found unresponsive in his Atlanta apartment after a woman who had stayed with him the night prior called 911, telling the operator Samuels was complaining of chest pains and that he had collapsed.

Does Kevin Samuels Have A Degree?

He attended the University of Oklahoma, where he studied and graduated with a chemical engineering degree. After university, he went on to work at Office Depot as a development manager. Samuels rose to online fame in early 2013 when he began making Vine videos; an entertainment platform that has since been removed.

What Age Did Kevin Samuels Die?

53 years (1969–2022)


Above you have got an idea about how did Kevin Samuels cause of death. Now, you also know Kevin Samuels net worth at time of death. In his last year, he continued to gain fame and fortune through his brand endorsements and social media accounts. Come celebrate YouTuber’s birthday with us, we have everything you need. Kevin was best known for his misogynistic comments about black women, in particular, who had died. The topic of his death trending on Twitter on Thursday afternoon as people tried to beat the record. Well, now you know Kevin Samuels cause of death.     


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