How strong is the Vanuatu passport and what are its benefits?

Foreign investors are attracted by granting citizenship for investment. Thus, many countries create unique conditions for obtaining a passport for contributing to the relevant funds. The emergence of many decent offers did not pass by the leading expert of the agency Immigrant Invest Victor Esik. 

The analysis of existing programs allows you to find the benefits of participation. For example, get citizenship in Vanuatu contributes to the simplification of procedures for crossing the borders of neighboring countries. In addition, second citizenship has other attractive features.

Since this investment program appeared only in 2017, the offer’s popularity is low. However, it does not say anything about the benefits available to investors. It is still the only program to help you get citizenship in Oceania.

Benefits of Vanuatu passport

The possibility of obtaining a “strong” passport attracts interest. Participation in the program will allow you to take advantage of previously unavailable opportunities. It is why it is worth paying attention to the offer’s advantages rather than the application procedure itself. In addition, how else to evaluate the benefits of participation and investment?

Visa-free travel

Traveling around the world is usually inconvenient. It takes a lot of time and effort to obtain travel documents. However, Oceania passport holders get an opportunity to get rid of going through bureaucratic procedures. It is because the pros of Vanuatu passport include a visa waiver.

Crossing the border of the Schengen countries is simplified. There is no need to apply for a visa or other permits upon arrival. The period of stay is 90 days. As for flights to Britain, it is possible to stay here for a long period. Six months is the period during which you do not need a visa.

Taxation advantages

The easy running of a business, which is available through visa-free, is one of many benefits of the program. Business people become part of the country, so they are exempt from paying taxes on the following:

  • capital gains;
  • inheritance;
  • global income.

The tax rate’s size and other tax system features are specified in the relevant decree. So, getting advice from a lawyer and asking him all the questions you are interested in is necessary. But there is no need to argue that taxation in Oceania is more favorable.

Citizenship for family members

The principal applicant represented by the investor can include other family members in the application. The list consists of the spouse and their children under 25. Dependents receive the same rights and freedoms as the principal applicant. In addition, the application process involves other advantages of Vanuatu citizenship:

After you get citizenship, a passport will be issued. You can use it for five years. At the end of this period, it is necessary to obtain the document again. It is worth noting that lifetime citizenship can be inherited.

Dual citizenship

The procedure for obtaining official status is transparent and does not take much time. You can receive the decision on the application within 60 days. You can apply for participation remotely, but it is worth looking for an accredited expert. Each applicant can keep his previous passport and retain his citizenship. It is not prohibited by law, so investors do not face any difficulties.

Investment opportunities

Investors who have studied the key conditions for obtaining citizenship can qualify for the program. Thus, it is also worth noting, among other things, the ways of investing and the right to return on investment. According to the current law, the passport costs about 130 thousand dollars.

However, the applicant must have more than $250,000 in his bank account. It is also worth noting that the final amount of the contribution depends on the number of applicants. There are no returns for funds that have been sent to a government fund.

Political stability and security

The attractiveness of the program is justified not only by the presence of unique benefits but also by stability. The country is characterized by intense political and economic performance, so investors are eager to obtain a passport. The standard of living in the Pacific country also stimulates demand. It is easy to get this and other Vanuatu passport benefits. A personal visit to the consulate is also not required.


It is easy to explain the investors’ interest in the offers. Getting more opportunities and privileges positively affects business development. The lack of difficulty in crossing borders and the simplicity of the paperwork certainly attracts attention. Since this program is the only Oceania offering, it is hard to overestimate the benefits of the offer.