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A digital currency known as a cryptocurrency is a different form of payment made with encryption algorithms. The market for these relatively new digital currencies like USTC USDT or LUNA USDT is extremely volatile. Since banks and other third parties are not required to regulate cryptocurrencies, converting them into a physical currency like dollars or euros is challenging, and they frequently lack insurance. This article discusses several crypto-related stories that are currently trending. KuCoin, on the other hand, is a leading crypto exchange that claims to serve all four crypto holders worldwide. The fiat entrance, fates and edge exchanging trade, automated revenue administrations like marking and loaning, shared (P2P) commercial center, IEO platform for crypto crowdfunding, non-custodial exchanging, and many more are among the noteworthy set-up of crypto administrations it has created. 

The following are some of the most recent news:

1.    Major Banks warn

Risk assets, including cryptocurrencies, have recently found a footing on hopes that the general Federal Reserve (Fed) will shift away from the jumbo interest rate that hikes from December to end the so-called liquidity basically will tighten sooner than expected and, as a result, signal the same at its meeting on Nov. 2. Major Banks warn that “Slower Doesn’t Mean Lower” as the crypto market sees smaller rate hikes from December.

Nonetheless, significant speculation banks formally accept that the Fed could keep on raising kind-sized rates, and a chance to bring down rates wouldn’t be guaranteed to imply that liquidity fixing will end sooner. Risk assets were impacted when the Fed raised borrowing costs by 300 basis points (bps) this year. It is generally anticipated that the central bank will increase the interest rates by 75 basis points on Wednesday, elevating borrowing costs to 4% from 3.75 percent. It could indicate a decrease of 50 bps in December.

2.    How Digital Assets Become Investable Indices

Since the advent of bitcoin around 2008, the digital asset industry has grown rapidly, accelerating the growth of the new digital finance economy. This booming of the new asset class has basically resulted in the development of new investment vehicles and opportunities, with thousands of distinct projects, use cases, and applications utilizing blockchain technology to transform industry infrastructure. There is unmistakable growth, even though estimates of the current number of cryptocurrencies vary widely.

The extraordinary growth has also brought about a similar amount of complexity. The Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS) was introduced by CoinDesk Indices to help investors better comprehend the digital asset market.

3.    After a successful week, Powell shakes the market.

With massive increases in volume and subsequent price increases, altcoins have had a chance to shine. Due to its price and volume increases of 826.6% and over 2000% over the past seven days, $DOGE was one of the biggest movers. This occurred after Elon Musk purchased Twitter, whose price quickly increased due to Musk’s previous hints of DOGE use cases on Twitter! Elon then added to the wild cost activity by uploading a picture of the well-known “DOGE” dog sporting a Twitter shirt to round things out.

4.    What to Expect From Ethereum’s Next Big Change

 The most recent update, “the Merge,” radically altered the operation of the second-largest blockchain network by eliminating its dependence on cryptocurrency miners and significantly reducing its energy costs. The “Shanghai” network upgrade will concentrate on putting the pieces back together. Ethereum’s designers refocused last week for the (regularly fortnightly) Ethereum All Center Engineers Zoom call following a month’s break. The diverse group of people and businesses in charge of updating Ethereum’s open-source code talked about the features they want to add to the next update.

5.    Hyperbitcoinization is likely to arrive soon in a new market near you.

The World Bank predicts that at least 1.4 billion people will be affected by hyperbitcoinization in an emerging market near you. Most of these individuals reside in developing nations like Nigeria and El Salvador.

Ray Youssef, CEO and co-founder of Paxful, a popular peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange in Africa, sees “hyperbitcoinization” taking place in the Global South, even though it is unclear whether “hyperbitcoinization” will truly spread across the globe.

“The remarkable thing about Nigeria, from a bitcoin perspective, is that it is probably the place in the world where the bitcoin story is not speculative.