Functionalities of Marketing Automation Software

Many businesses are introducing marketing automation software to streamline their digital marketing campaigns and processes. Organisations must be aware of the functionalities and features of such software to optimise their benefits. Dottely is the one-stop shop for all marketing automation tools and software needs, enabling businesses to save time, increase digital marketing revenue and result in higher profits.

Here are a few reasons for introducing automation to your marketing campaigns and some of the critical functionalities of marketing automation software.

Marketing Automation – An Introduction

Marketing automation uses technology to undertake marketing activities and execute digital marketing campaigns across various channels at predetermined schedules. It helps the business eliminate iterative tasks. It even allows the company to identify patterns and behaviours of consumers in terms of their preferences and purchase or browsing history so that they can receive the right messages or advertisements at the right time.

Need For a Marketing Automation Software

Businesses can quickly identify potential customers using the functionalities of marketing automation. The algorithms of marketing automation software target the leads after an analysis of all customer-related data in a manner that the teams can instantly close the sales or build and enhance customer relationships. 

The ultimate aim of all businesses is to grow their customer base as far and wide as possible. By using marketing automation software, companies can save much time on the marketing-to-sales process and focus on nurturing professional relationships with leads that exhibit real promise. 

Marketing automation scores and prioritises leads based on website visits, downloads, purchases, and social media activity. 

Key Functionalities of a Marketing Automation Software

The key functionalities businesses must keep in mind to maximise the output from marketing automation software are as follows.

Social Media Marketing

Today, social media influences the lives of the global population. The marketing automation software must be capable of providing social media automation. It should be compatible with all social media platforms so that the software can track the customer’s social media activity.

Email Campaigns

In most cases, the entire correspondence between the company and customer happens through email – from first contact, product discussion, and purchase to query and feedback. Therefore, the marketing automation software must have the functionality of scheduling email marketing campaigns to ensure a seamless customer interaction procedure. 

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time alerts are essential in ensuring the timely completion of all ongoing product-related activities. The marketing automation software must be capable of sending real-time alerts automatically to different teams. For example, the software must be capable of identifying the completion of a task and passing it on to the next stakeholder, or, in case of a query, the software must be able to direct it to the right team.

Personalised Messaging

The term ‘automated message’ tends one to believe that there is no personal touch to the text and that all customers will be receiving the same message. It may work against the whole purpose of a marketing campaign. The marketing automation software must be capable of personalising automated messages so they don’t appear monotonous and canned. 

Lead Management

All marketing automation software must have a complete lead management process, from collecting all customer-related information, analysing it, scoring it, and identifying potential users, to nurturing them. It must enable the marketing and sales teams to collaborate and quickly transform maximum leads into customers. 

Custom Templates

Marketing products depend a great deal on their design for outreach. The more customised and attractive the products, the better the outreach, the better the brand recognition, and the better the business. The marketing automation software must accommodate the customisation of templates so that creating new marketing products may become faster and more efficient.


Marketing automation software has multiple benefits and has the potential to impact business growth positively. But with the variety of automation software available in the market, choosing the right one for your business can take time and effort. It is, therefore, essential to understand the functionalities and features of the software thoroughly and implement the one that most suits your business needs.