What Is Ethan Wooddell Cause Of Death? 

In today’s article, we will discuss Ethan Wooddell cause of death. No doubt, death is inevitable, but when someone suddenly disappears then it makes their loved one overwhelmingly sad. Death is a permanent truth and it once happened, no one can change it. You can not bring back your lost people. The same happened with Ethan Wooddell, who was a child of only 14 years. His death was devastating and a bad mishap for his family and friends. After his death, his many school friends wrote about him, and every one of them was remembering their sweet memories with Ethan. Without further delay, let’s get started and know Ethan Wooddell cause of death. 

What Is Ethan Wooddell Cause Of Death? 

 Ethan wooddell cause of death is unknown, he was found dead on 2nd December 2021 at his residence. His funeral service was held at the Greater Augusta Apostolic Church on Sunday, December 12, 2021, at 3:00 p.m., celebrated by the Reverend Terry Newsom.

Interment to follow at Bellevue Memorial Gardens. His family had received friends at the church from 2 p.m. until worship time.

After his death, many of his friends showed their condolences to his parents and the entire family. Because he was a loving child and had many friends in school. One of his friends called Brooke wrote, “Ethan, you were such an amazing friend, I have known you for such a long time. It’s crazy how we met in elementary school and made our bond grow so big. I miss you so much Ethan, not a day goes by that I am looking at your desk in the first period and wishing you were still here”. His other friend called Jack wrote down, “Ethan was my best friend and I’m going to school every day now and looking at his desk and him not being there hurts me. I can not live with the debt of me not doing as much as I could to make him happy”. 

There are so many of his friends who have written for Ethan Wooddell, and they have all been really missing him until now. 

Who Was Ethan Wooddell? 

Ethan Wooddell was a student and a 14-year-old boy pursuing his schooling at Grovetown Middle School. Ethan was born on 23rd October 2007 to Monica Surex and Christian Wooddell in Evans, Georgia, United States. 

Ethan loved playing games like Fortnite on his PS4. he also loved anime, especially x Hunter and My Hero Academia. Another of his favorite hobbies was longboarding, he will be remembered as a loving child with a great sense of humor. 

Ethan passed away at a very young age and he left behind his parents called Monica Suarez and Christian Wooddell, his siblings called Christian Evan Wooddell and Elyanna Grace Wooddell, his maternal grandparents called Liliana Garcia and Giovanni, Viviana Mauricio and Daniel Garcia, and paternal grandmother called Jane Pratt, maternal aunts, and uncles called Veronica Surec, Viviana Mauricio, and Daniel Garcia. Two trees were planted in the memory of Ethan Wooddell. 

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In this article, you have learned all about the cause of death of Ethan Wooddell, which is unknown. Ethan was a minor child of only 14 years old and he had a lot of friends in the school. He was also a very loving and kind child in his home. His family found it very devastating to lose such a loving child. He faced a premature death and he left his family behind. Lots of his friends were missing him and they still miss him. Now, you got the actual cause of death of Ethan Wooddell. This was all about Ethan Wooddell cause of death


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