E-Commerce Marketing Strategies to Try in 2023

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the term E-Commerce. Simply put, it’s what propels the online space to squeeze you of your money. Ok sorry, that’s a bit harshly put. E-Commerce is the driving force behind making transactions easier, cheaper, and accessible. Many of us unknowingly or knowingly delve into this as either customers or vendors, as multi-managed businesses or solo entrepreneurs but one thing is that this mode of interaction, purchase, and promotion is the future. 

E-commerce got amped up during COVID-19; providing a safe way to shop online without having to expose yourself to the outside world. All you would need is a reliable and fast internet connection that keeps up with your interests. 

If you are satisfied with your current Internet Service Provider, then that’s great. However, if you are struggling with the internet speed and want to explore more options then we would recommend you to subscribe to a solid connection like AT&T Internet. This way you’ll be able to enjoy high-speed internet that too at affordable rates. 

A reliable internet connection was and is the way to go when recommending or setting up your own e-commerce website. Read on through to find out how you can mold this amazing platform with amazing strategies to put your best foot forward in 2023. 

Email Marketing

This one is a no-brainer. The email has been around ever since the first versions of Windows, or macOS for that matter. Emails are a formal, simple, and quick way to make contact with people around the globe. Your personal email becomes your sole channel to conduct business dealings, send and receive documents and provide all sorts of information. It’s secure and that’s why marketing prefers it. In particular, there are three types of emails to look for in e-commerce:

    • Automated emails: These are sent automatically. All they need is the correct interaction by the customer. 
  • Segmented emails: You can call these smart emails. These track customer activity and then send them emails pertaining to their interests. 
  • Transactional emails: The simple ones and quite self-explanatory. These are sent when your credentials are changed or to confirm transactions. 

SMS Marketing

Probably the most antediluvian mode of marketing. This one enjoys exclusivity considering it requires no internet connection. All you need is a working phone and an active SIM card to receive updates, confirmations, and promotional offers directly via SMS. SMS marketing is crucial because it can send you two-liners with all the info you’d need. Texts work best when marketing is done in a precise manner so make sure to attune yourself to this niche of e-commerce as well. 

Social Media Marketing

It’s no surprise that the most enticing of offers and promotions are found on social media. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok are all included in this. You could be swiping through your feed thinking of buying a new coat or a pair of pants and find just what you want is offered by a sponsored brand. 

Social commerce acts as an additional gateway to attract a herd of customers straight to your company’s doorstep. Take hold of what social media app is doing the most rounds online, create a page, and set up your business there. Link it up with your own website or, as Facebook allows, set up a mini-shop right in there to get people to check out your products. 

Consider this an extension of the aforementioned social media marketing. This one, however, is more accustomed to going the extra mile in attracting relevant traffic. Here, you get ads, which, naturally, you will have to pay for and post. Another niche that resides here is influencer marketing where you have influencers do the grunt work for you. In our digital age, people look up to celebrities, influencers, and athletes and in order to become more like them, prefer to use the products they endorse. 

For example, you could have moms conscious about using a certain type of Cereal for their kids or gym freaks looking for a certain blend of ingredients in their protein powder. For this, you could have an influencing figure in that niche talk to them via social media videos and posts and act as a magnet to drive them over to your side of the market. 


We can’t stress enough the importance of this. Partnerships are crucial when you’re starting off in a market and are unsure of your potential. Get hold of a more seasoned company/business and work with them to bring your brand into the limelight. 

Remember, the goal here is to learn and align yourself properly with how the market works. Even a big brand like KFC can be seen partnering up with competitors like Taco Bell or Domino’s in which both brands set up shop in one building and attract customers who want either or both. A symbiotic partnership is the goal. 


We’ve done our best to provide a helpful guide that not only highlights the best of e-commerce but also offers a hand in getting your footing right. Start slowly and steadily and let your brain juices merge with your brand’s energy to come up with your own, distinct vibe.